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Throwing Up After Breakfast?


Here's the deal...I wake up feeling good and lean (5'9" 188 lbs), then go down to eat breakfast which had been consisting of 5 whole eggs cooked in olive oil, 4 slices turkey bacon, 2 slices of bread, 1 banana, and a cup of milk. It would be 1 hour to 90 minutes before I'd go workout, and during my workout I'd have 30-35g BCAA's.

Problem is, after eating this breakfast, every single time I'd spit up phlem (I have to, otherwise I can hardly breathe), my stomach would tighten up and all my food would come rushing up to my throat and I'd be ready to throw all my breakfast up. I'd hold it down well enough to the gym. Well, I'm working out and during having all the BCAA's I feel like I'm going to throw up during the workout, and usually do, whether it's intense with short rest or not.

I have since switched to a lighter breakfast (2 servings oats in 1 cup milk and 1 scoop whey) for only 500 calories, and the same thing happens with my stomach (tightens up when i spit out, and i'm about to throw up), and during my workout with the 30-35g BCAA's I still feel like throwing up and usually do.

They say your biggest meal should be breakfast, and I agree. However, it's hard when you can't even hold 500 calories down. What am I supposed to do about this? If I have any less than 500 calories before my workout, I really don't see how I'm going to have enough energy to lift hard or enough calories to grow.

I should also mention after my pwo shake I have no problem eating a lot, it's just that breakfast. Why is this?


I used to have that problem too. It turns out, I was pregnant. I'm guessing that's not your issue :wink:

I can't eat a lot before a workout either, and sometimes supps on an empty stomach can make me vomit as well. Are you taking the supps before your food, or after? (Any multi's, etc? multi's are what make me vomit the most if I take them before food).


Try losing the milk until post workout.


I take a multivitamin and resveratrol right after I eat my breakfast. I've had this problem before I started taking the resveratrol, and well I don't see why I shouldn't be able to have a multi after my breakfast. I'll give the no milk thing a try, but I doubt it'll work.


According to Coach Poliquin its common for people to develop egg allergies. In fact they are one of the most common.

It was mentioned in his question of strength article in october. You can find it on this site.

If youve been eating eggs every morning you can develop an allergy which would cause phlegm or stomach issues.

Good luck. and read up.

allergies arent fun since you basically have to cycle off of your favorite foods for a while. Not cool. Not cool at all.


Yeah I say try skipping the milk, then the eggs if that doesn't work.


well geeze, what kinda foods is one allowed to eat without cycling? I gota say it's all pretty ridiculous if you think about it. Who has time to consider or read up on what foods to f*cking cycle?! That's so dumb. Not saying it's not true, just think it's retarded we are actually resorting to cycling foods.


Well if it's any consolation, I eat about a dozen eggs a day with no worries.

If I were you, I'd go back to your original brekkie and cut it down.

Maybe stick with eggs and bacon, small serving.

Even though it's small, some food is better than none.

If you still feel sick you'll know it's either the eggs or bacon. If you're fine, you can increase the size or add something else.

Are you feeling okay the rest of the time? Do you think there's a chance you might just be sick?


Not unless I've been sick for the past 10-11 months straight. Feel fine the rest of the time, I just finished up like 10 oz grilled chicken, 2 servings pasta, a lot of cottage cheese and some fish oil, and feel perfectly fine. No signs of feeling like throwing up at all.

Better believe once breakfast comes tomorrow I'll feel it again though. BTW, not sure just the eggs and bacon with flat out zero carbs in that meal there is really advisable as a breakfast and right before a workout?


why not? have you tried it?

i think you should try a couple different things including that for a few days each and see what happens. you may find that it works for you. Poliquin has written about steak and eggs for breakie preworkout. i personally do better this way and keep carbs to my post workout meals or cheat/carb up days.

sometimes i have the same phlegm issues with the eggs or with protein shakes. i find that it usually corresponds to lack of water intake in the preceding half day or so.

also the BCAA sometimes bothers me during the workout when i give it all out in a sprint so i consume post workout with Surge and a half serving of greens in these cases.

anyhow, goodluck with fixing the problem.


It's probably your body's way of telling you that turkey bacon sucks ass, and if you're going to bother, you should eat real bacon. The kind that comes from pigs. Bacon shouldn't have feathers (I need to put that on a tee shirt).

In all seriousness though, I'd have to agree with the above recommendations to try cutting out the milk or the eggs. Either that, or try a smaller breakfast before your workout and save the bacon and eggs for afterwards. I like peanut butter on toast and OJ before a morning workout.


It's not ideal but it's not going to kill you.

And everyone on the anabolic diet would disagree.

I haven't had a carb since sunday night and I actually feel fantastic. No shit, like, smiling at everyone fantastic.


that pretty much sounds like ideal to me. if your workout performance does not suffer, then you know for sure you will do better on low carb as long as you keep the fat up to make up for the lack of carbs. foods are a drug, and like other drugs everyone reacts differently. what is someone's secret weapon is the other's ruin.

for those looking to go low carb during and after the workout, Poliquin recommends a 4:1:1 BCAA mix at around 30g during workout (someone please correct if wrong) and 60g whey, 20g glycine and 20-40g glutamine after for someone around 200 lbs looking to cut. this goes alongside the eat only things that run, swim, fly or are green for the rest of the day. for more info on such things, check out these threads:

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