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Throwing Mass on my Ass

Sup T-freaks. I plan on doing a Mass phase this coming fall/winter. And as it is my first official one, I’d like some advice I currently subscribe to Berardi’s Massive Eating which is by far the best system ever for caloric consumption. I’m thinking of going on Nandro for a month or two while bringing up my protein intake and increasing overall calories about 300-400 or so. I’m looking to put on about 10 pounds of lean, fat-free mass. I am currently around 170 and have very low bodyfat, so with my 5’7 frame it should be easy to put on lean mass wihtout the added fat, correct? I shall also use Tribex and perhaps some MD6/T2 jsut to keep the fat cells in check. Whatcha think, any advice? Thanks.

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Biotest does not make T2 or norandro anymore

I’ve left mine out overnight before and it was fine. Flax tends to smell rancid when it goes bad. Give it the smell test. It’s probably okay.

If you’re going to use the MD6 and T2 don’t use them everyday, just use them like 2 days out of every 5 and during this time cut your calories back a little…similar to Hatfields zig/zag diet…5 high calorie days/ 2 low calorie days. Everything else sounds good…You know what you’re doing

Hey M-boy E! Sounds like a good plan (if you already have the norandro) but I don’t think you have to worry about the md6/T2 stack, as I believe from earlier posts you said you’re really lean. 10 pounds, if your program’s right, won’t give you any big notices in fat. How long are you planning for?

Hey, E-man, get your mass on, baby! Yeah! Just wanted to chime in real quick, give my boy some props, pointers and support (I’ll need some too:-). I’m currently embarking on my first journey into the Bulking Woods myself, brutha. It’s tough, but I’ve just got to keep overcoming lil’ mental blocks and pushin’ the envelope.

First off, way to set some goals for yourself, bro (10 pounds)…that’s a great start and gives motivation. Massive Eating is definitely a great route to go. Try not to get to anal or over analyze, just follow the principles and make sure you’re getting your fuel. Don’t be shy about carbs…you’re a youngin’, bro, we can handle those lil’ bastards! You probably have a good idea of what your caloric needs are, so just bump or shave off after some experimentation–and don’t forget to adjust throughout. Also, you know what my man JB says about low bodyfat…that the lean gains should be pretty dayum good, so you’re right on. I don’t know much about Nandro or Tribex–haven’t fooled with either.

As far as the thermos go, I like Kelly's advice. I would say don't go overboard, maybe just the T2 or the MD6 but I'm not sure you need both. If you do MD6, maybe just two before training or something along those lines. The zig-zag method will help keep that nasty bodyfat in check, and Massive Eating pretty much employs that principle. You can fool with that. I also would recommend not being afraid to throw in some cardio--not cardio-crazy though! JB has written many a time how it aids in LBM gains and nutrient partitioning in particular.

Like KB said, you know wassup, E-man, so I digress…good luck, buddy, and keep us all posted. If you want, throw out an outline of training and/or nutrition. I think it’d be pretty cool and you could get some feedback too. Latah, bro.

Thanks guys. Actually I’ve prcured the “last bottle” of Nandro from a place I know of. Bronxy, I figure a good two months is plenty of range for this shot. Take care, and thanks again. Lata.

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