Throwing Low Dose Tren onto Test P/NPP Cycle

So long story short my boy hooked me up with a vile of Tren A. Never pinned Tren before and would like to try a small dose added onto my current cycle. I see a lot of people against mixing 19-nor’s so i’m a little standoffish. Current cycle is as follows.

Test P 600mg/week (200 M-W-F)
NPP 450mg/week (150 M-W-F)
12.5 Aromasin EOD
300mg P5P daily

I was thinking of 2 options

Cutting back the Test P and NPP maybe by half and adding in 50mg M-W-F of the Tren Ace or Stopping the NPP after 8 weeks and adding the 50-75mg M-W-F of Tren Ace for an additional 6 weeks?

Anyone help out with this? This is my 4th cycle.

Ace is ED injections. Or at least on the gym days for sure. Ace hits like a hammer sometimes exactly after an injection - i dont see the point to use ace if its not done ED. Its just that there is no point to get all the sides and be on it only half the week. As far as the dosage - 150 a week is low. By dropping other compounds they will just work less. its not like all these drugs work through same ways so by doing a lot of different stuff but lower dose might just not do anything. Id rather see you blast the npp for 6 weeks and then switch to like 300mgs of tren. At least you can compare them that way.

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Sounds legit bro :100:


We order from the same sources. He gave it to me because he needed some vials of Test P.

Post the LC/MS-MS test results or it didn’t happen.

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I think we both know that isn’t happening lol

Hey bro don’t hate.

I don’t see the point. It doesnt ‘fit’ in well with your current cycle IMO. Don’t use it just because you have it. It should shelf well. I would save it for a light recomp cycle with jsut test and tren if you must go that route.


Harm minimization. No hate. Know what you are injecting.

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Save the tren for later. “Some is good so more is better” isn’t a wise way to use AAS.

One of my best cycles ever was 620/350 test/mast (frankly I think I could’ve done without the mast), and that was my second most recent cycle. I, and I think many others on here, would consider me an intermediate to advanced user, and by that I mean I have blasted all kinds of shit for long and short duration at varying doses. The success I had with a (more or less) test only cycle, even after having run several other injectables, was because my training, diet, and recovery were on point.

Otherwise, if you insist on running it, @hankthetank89 is correct


If you aren’t growing/progressing on your current cycle, then I’d re-assess, but if you are, then save the Tren for the cut or recomp maybe?

Your AAS weekly quantities are huge by my standard. I would sure hope your physique looks like you’re taking over 1,000mg/wk.


That dose of test would absolutely kill me with sides alongside tren.

Low test high tren/npp minimises sides.

I don’t think that dose of tren ‘will do nothing’, with tren less is more. But i would inject ED.