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Throwing Kettlebells(?)

In my opinion this is the best use for kettlebells.

-Go to appropriate area which will absorb its impacts

-Swing-throw it ahead of you with a good pelvic thrust
-Swing it over your head behind you
-snatch it 1 hand and let it go
-jump with it and let it go
-push press/ jerk / horizontal press
-r.o.w (row) it up into the air nice and hard 1 hand

-make it fly. give it air. see. how far. you can make it. go.

So you want to treat a kettlebell like a medicine ball? :wink:

I can understand throwing them, and those exercises do have their place, but “catching” the KB does teach a certain amount of reactive strength/coordination.

Plus, open palm cleans and snatches are a special kind of crazy and a whole new level of “fun”.

I throw tires sometimes. slightly gentler impact.

I think it was the Perform Better KBs we had at the time, but some of our guys were doing a circuit with KB swings. Dude was switching hands in the air, missed, KB landed on handle, and it broke clean off. Thick ass handle too, we were kind of surprised. Think that was on concrete though. Grass/dirt/turf should be fine, even with the cheaper ones.

depends whether they were cast (and the quality of) as one piece or had the handle welded on

I wouldn’t recommend throwing kettlebells. They can break.

Get Highland Game implements - made for throwing and you can adjust the chain length

This kind of thing.

Or, get a Ballistica, hell of a lot cheaper


[quote]DoubleDuce wrote:
I throw tires sometimes. slightly gentler impact.[/quote]

Our gym has a 225lb tire, i cant throw it, but i do enjoy seeing how forcefully i can flip the thing, 1 handed or both hands.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
I wouldn’t recommend throwing kettlebells. They can break.


Sand vs Kettlebell. Kettlebell wins.

This is kind of what i was talking about .

Like Chris says, throws can be great but learning to absorb a swing and rebound, or absorb a snatch as you bring it down and explode right back up, etc. is very beneficial.

I’m a big fan of doing a short set of swings, maybe 3-6 and throwing the last rep as far as possible. Love throwing my KB around at the park, sprinting, throwing it some more, and repeating, a lot like in your video.

I go to a field near my house sometimes and do a 2 handed throw for distance, than sprint to the kettlebell. I will repeat this for 25-30 minutes with no rest. Great workout. Feel bad for the ground though. Interesting about breaking kettlebells. I never considered they could break. Lucky so far I guess. Best to get the proper tools from here on in.

I have a grassy public area outside where I live (next to a beach - bonus). I sometimes train with a pair of 20kg KBs there and I agree with the OP. It’s basic eccentricless training. Great workout, especially if you are also doing regular strength and/or conditioning work.