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Throwing Heavy Stuff Far


In my age group 50-54, and weight class 85kg, the world records for snatch and total are currently 115kg and 250kg respectively. My current lifts are 105kg snatch and 125kg clean and jerk, putting me a mere 10kg improvement in each lift away from these records.

With continued good health and hard work, I hope to break those two records at masters nationals this coming April. This log will be a record of my progress towards that goal. Your encouragement and support are welcome.


Good luck! Keep us posted, and please post videos of these lifts if possible.


Outstanding! Way to go for it Carl! You'll get nothing but support and encouragement from this group. Looking forward to following your progress.


That's awsome Carl! We'll be behind you all the way.


Thanks for the replies. I'll try to get video of the lifts from time to time. I do have a video camera, but haven't used it much for a while. It may take a few days to figure out how to get stuff posted here.

I just finished a 12 week cycle feeling strong and refreshed, so I'm jumping right into the next cycle. Every session starts with a 10 minute warm up, mostly dynamic stretching and complexes with just the bar--presses, squats, drop snatches, and RDLs. This first week, except for pulls and deadlifts, the sets are at 50%, 60% and 70% of 1 rep maxes. Pulls and deadlifts are at 80% and 90% respectively. All weights are in kilos.

Snatches: 53/3, 64/3, (74/3)3
Back Squats: 70/5, 84/5, (98/5)3
Bench Press: 50/5, 60/5, (70/5)3
Snatch High Pulls: (84/5)3
Time: 40 min

Technique-wise, I'm working on a lower set position in the pulls. It seems to make keeping back on the heels easier, the transition from 1st to 2nd pull quicker, gives a more powerful 2nd pull, and makes pulling under the bar better synchonized. We'll see how that holds up when the weights get heavier. Overall a very easy workout.


Looking forward to following your workouts.


Hey Carl, how long have you been O-lifting?

The reason I ask is that I started lifting PL style when I was 50. Five years later, my joints are showing signs of stress, and I have to take weight off the bar to execute the lifts properly. I can't imagine the stress I would feel O-lifting, I often wonder how long athletes could keep this up. There doesn't seem to be as many competitive master lifters in olympic as there are in powerlifting, and was wondering if that is your observation.


I've been olympic lifting since I was 15, so I guess 36 years now. My joints are holding up fine. There are very few masters o-lifters, compared to p-lifters, but I think thats because there are few olympic lifters of any age. For example, my weight class has about 10 masters lifters nation wide
and about 300 of any age (judging by how many have competed this year). My personal belief is that power lifting is more stressful on the joints than olympic lifting, due to the heavier weights used in power lifting. But that might just be my excuse to avoid something I've never been very good at.

By the way you are kind of an idol for me, what with playing bass in a band. Les Claypool is one of my favorites.


You hit the nail on the head for me, too. Perhaps I'm just rationalizing my excuses. But I haven't been lifting for 36 years!! That's an accomplishment.

Thanks for the compliment, you made my day. Les is a multi-talented artist. I'm just a bass player.


Six months. You have my attention and support. I hope to add a couple Olifts to my workout. Help with the explosive power. So I will most likely be knocking on your door for some advise on form and technique.


This is so cool I can't describe it.

Good Luck!


I am humbled by your responses. Thank you all very much.


Cleans: 62.5/3, 75/3, (87.5/3)3
Jerks: 62.5/3, 75/3, (87.5/3)3
Front Squats: 68/5, 81/5, (94/5)3
Presses: 40/5, 48/5, (56/5)3
Clean Dead Lifts: (112.5/5)3
Time: 52 min

Technique--Getting the lower set position was strangely not as easy with cleans as it was for snatches, I could only hit the position I was aiming for on about half the lifts. When I did hit it, I noticed the same effects as with snatches. On jerks, I'm working on keeping my weight more over my heels during the dip and drive. This allows for a stronger drive, better speed under the bar and a more stable bottom position.

This session was a bit harder than yesterday's, 5 on a 10 point scale instead of yesterday's 3. Clean and front squat days are always harder than snatch and back squat days.


Now you have me doing conversions. Good solid workout. Interesting discription of your technique and form. I can understand the need for nailing your form solid. Adds a whole new dimension to lifting. Basically adds an art form to your sport which is as important as the power reguired. Interesting.


Good luck! will keep an eye on this thread


Outstanding. Will follow this thread closely. Question. Other than actually doing the lifts is there anything specific you do for flexibility, i.e. getting into the ass to the ground squat position after the pull. My C&J and snatches are about at 90 degrees max after the pull.


I've been blessed in that flexibility, at least what it necessary for o-lifting has never been a problem. I have noticed over the years that my bottom position is slowly creeping up. For atg to be an accurate term, I have to imagine the grass hasn't been cut for a while. I started doing kung fu last year partially to address this issue.


You are right. 36 years and running, and I'm still tweaking the technique. That's what drew me to o-lifting in the first place. I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that I've never been able to squat more than 350 (lbs).


This is a bit embarrassing, but I had one of my facts wrong. Although the snatch world record is 115kg, the total record is 260kg, not 250kg as I stated. So I amend my goal to breaking the snatch world record only. Maybe next year for the total. I'm sorry to have misled you all. As they say, memory is the second thing to go.


They make drugs for the first thing now....Good luck on the quest. I'll be following closely as well


I forget...what was the first thing?

In deference to this weekend's track meet, I moved the rest day this week to Friday.

Snatches: 53/3, 64/3, (74/3)3
Back Squats: 70/5, 84/5, (98/5)3
Bench Press: 50/5, 60/5, (70/5)3
Snatch Dead Lifts: (95/5)3
Time: 38 min

Technique--will be working on lower set position for a while. Took some video today and it showed two things that are starting to go wrong with the technique change. From set position to knees, my back inclines a little, and the bar loops out too much in the 2nd pull. The second effect is probably indirectly caused by the first. I'll work on it next time and see. I'll figure out how to post the videos when I get home.