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Throwing Events


I am getting ready for a strongman comp. next month, and I am having trouble with one event: the weight plate (45lb) throw for distance. I have been using a 45lb wt, and throwing it discus style. Is this the bset technique, or should I change it? Has anyone had experance with events like this? Any suggestions on how I can improve my distance?


with something that heavy, i would use a technique more like a hammer like the weight throw they do indoors. try to work up to a two turn. If you want to use the discus style, work on throwing the weight ahead of yourself to get it going then spin underneath it to get a "pull" and then finish. use a south african style footwork. both weight throw and discus styles have been used before in strongman. i would play with both. but, with that weight,45lbs. i think the weight throw(hammer) would be better, if you don't have enough time to learn it or you are used to the discus style, then stick with it and hopefully what i said above will help.