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Throwing Endurance/Recovery

Hey everyone,

There’s something I’ve been wondering about, and maybe you all can help.

First off, I’m a baseballplayer, with alot of wear and tear on my shoulder.
It’s not a 100% healthy, but it’s the best it’s felt in a number of years.
However as I’m getting older (just turned 29 *snicker), I notice that my arm seems to have less and less crisp throws in it.
This season, there where several days where I had to stop throwing between innings, because my arm just felt done.
Especially if we were playing on back to back days. As a position player, I don’t make that many throws during warmups / games.
The arm/shoulder area was iced regulary after starts and practices.
Experience taught me that my arm needed 2 full days to recover before being ‘charged up’ again.

My questions:
What exercises can I do to increase the amount of throws I can get out my arm on a given day? ie, get more endurance?
How can I decrease the recovery my arm needs?
What’s the way to get my arm in shape to throw every day?

Thanks in advance,


PS: Not sure if it’s in the right forum, not sure where else to post it.

First, if you haven’t yet, I’d ask Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson in their Locker Room. They seem to have a nice handle on the whole “Shoulder-health-thing”. :slight_smile:

Along those lines, I’d check out Cressey’s Rotator Cuff routine:

Aside from that, my instinct is to have you train your upper back and vetical/horizontal pulling muscles with some higher reps, to counteract any endurance imbalances that may have been developing.

[quote]Hardball wrote:
What’s the way to get my arm in shape to throw every day?[/quote]
I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but that may not be an option right now (obviously, just my opinion). It might be better, though maybe not practical, to concentrate on peaking only when necessary and simply maintaining the rest of the time. Better to strive to be at 80% and acheive it, than burn yourself out striving to be consistently at 100%. Know what I mean?