Throwing down the gauntlet

What a great mag this week, talk about a kick in the arse! If you didn’t get the message to toughen up and get your act together from Chris, Cy, and Coach Davies then you’re in a coma. It was prob. the most motivating collection of articles at one time I have seen here and has made me sit up and take stock, I reckon my T levels went up just reading it. I’m a fat underweight and its my fault! Monday start Meltdown, and cut the crap soft cock excuses, I’m gonna go for it and make it happen! BTW its Timbo’s fault for being the ultimate Shredmeister and getting them all riled up :slight_smile: BRING IT ON!!!

Agreed. Great issue. I’ve decided I’m a little scared of Coach Davies. :wink:

Hyphnz…Thanks! I guess:-) Glad I could be of assistance. Anyway, good luck to you, T-Bro, we’ll be cheerin’ you on and awaiting your progress reports. Confidence, motivation and hella hard work look to be in your court, sir, and those are some potent ingredients.

Yes, another great issue. Loved the Davies interview.

I like that exercise w/the 75%bw getting dragged behind while climbing across some monkey bars. I’ve got a playground about 500m away. I could farmer’s walk some dumbells up there, drag them & farmer’s walk them back. Just thought of that now.

5.45am and 15 mins from action, C.D. jump rope, the vitex/cofee buzz has just hit. Timbo it was a compliment bro awesome cuts, Natey you think along the same lines as me, I have just got a new job where I will be away a fair bit and I have been formulating a “playground workout” to use after the Chernobyl (meltdown)training using some Ian King bodyweight and Coach Davies stuff that will be outdoor,cheap and transportable.