Throwing Down the Gauntlet/New Year's Challenge: 20 Rep Squat+20 Rep Deadlift

Dude, when I finished that workout with Fran tacked on, I legit felt like I had been open ocean swimming for hours. Just hanging out in a fog. That’s GOTTA be what anabolism feels like.


Yeah it was a circus.

Good luck!

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For real - 2 sets to hypertrophy!
I didn’t even consider tacking anything else on. I did some crunches on the BOSU ball to get some blood out of my back and went home!


Here it is

Skip to 1:00 for the challenge, I have my top set of the day at the beginning of the video.

Squat was 265x20
Take off shoes and sleeves
Deadlift was 300x8, 250x12

Dropped DL weight, I wouldn’t have been able to get even 2 more reps at 300.

Squat depth was atrocious, but there you have it. This was an intense challenge pwn. I’m still out of breath haha. I might take another swing at it and get some depth on those squats… and find a weight for deadlift that I can do for twenty.


Way to get after it dude! Once we get you squatting between your knees vs over them, that depth won’t be an issue. Try matching up the deadlift weight with the squat weight and you’ll see some magic happen I’m sure. I like keeping the sleeves over my shins in general: little cheaty way to get some shin savers.

You’ll do some growing from this! Haha.

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Great work!

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Here’s my attempt, 225-lbs squat and 255-lbs deadlift:

Took me forever to move from squat to deadlift—I need another bar! I had to rest-pause that deadlift set, and even so it turns out I only did 19 reps. That totally sucks because I could’ve gotten another one if I hadn’t lost count.

I ran a 5/3/1 & Widowmakers anchor just before the holidays, during which I set Widowmaker PRs at 210-lbs for squat and 240-lbs for deadlift, so both of these represent new +15-lbs PRs for me, and I’m very proud of myself for that.

Thanks for the challenge, Pwn—it totally sucked in the best kind of way.


Dude, those were some of the most legit squats I have ever seen. You murdered this. Treat yourself to more plates to celebrate! Haha. All that conditioning definitely showed.

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Outstanding man!

X2 on the squat depth. That’s like giving yourself a handicap for this. Very awesome.

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Squats looked freaking solid, all the more impressive that it was done beltless. Nice work


Squats deads and Keg Grace oh my

We got this folks


So I figured this would be a finisher for my deadlift workout… definitely learned a few things.

  1. There are some strong dudes in here. I did it with 225 lbs, and it was enough reps to suck. I seriously can’t imagine this with 315.
  2. I can’t count for shit. Rewatched the video, Only did 18 reps on the deadlift. Could have gotten 2 more if I knew.
  3. Transitioning between the lifts is tricky. I only have one barbell, so I strapped to it before the squats, dumped it on the safeties, ducked under it and picked it up to step back and start deadlifting. It was super fast, but my hands were uneven and I had to reset them after 8 or 10 reps. Not awesome.
  4. I think I could have added weight for the deadlifts. I mean, I was tired and it sucked, but my deadlift is enough better than my squat that it didn’t really feel heavy.

I know we aren’t trying to add a bunch of rules for this, but does it seem more important to keep time between sets really short? Or to take a minute to adjust weight? Maybe I will try this again in a couple weeks.


Really honored that one of your few posts here has been on my topic dude, and good on you for getting after it!

Regarding this

It’s a challenge, so figure out which way is going to be more challenging for you and get after it.

In that regard, my latest mutation and done in memory of Bud Jeffries

20x320 buffalo bar squat, 20x316 axle dead, Comrade Fran w/45lb bells and no-kip chins and Keg Grace w/150lb keg


Came back for round two. I am definitely happier with depth this time around, but I’m still not sinking them all the way down. I may give it a few weeks of adjustments and try again mid February.

Kept it 265x20, 265x20 this time as well.


Crushed it dude! Fantastic effort and good transitions!

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Way to have the guts to do it twice!


Challenge doesn’t end folks


So after some delay (covid and then neck issues) I’m trying this tomorrow. I’m thinking 150kg / 330lb. But we will see. I’ve been a bit all over with my strength this last few weeks.

Not looking forward to it I know that much.


Excited to see how it goes dude!

So it is a hard fail from me at 145kg / 320lb. I managed the squats in about 3min. But after 5 dead lifts I was done. If I’d have been on a standard bar and not axle I might have done it. Or if I spent another 10mins pulling singles.
But if my aunt had a dick, she’d be my uncle. I’ll revisit this. I’ve not had the best few weeks with the weights. Today was a bad day to try as well. Lots on right now.

I might try this for time. What weight can I complete this with in under 5 mins. That sound like a really bad idea.

Video below.