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Throwing and Punching Correlation.

Alright so I think its cool to be able to do 3 things:

  1. Run really fast
  2. Be able to jump high
  3. Throw hard (rocks, snowballs, dodgeballs, baseballs, anything basically)

I was just wondering if there is a correlation to how far you can throw to punching power. Also does anyone know how you can improve throwing power…and technique issues…there must be a certain way to throw so its a more powerful/harder throw. AND so yeah how to throw harder.


I think throwing from an overhead release (like the standard baseball pitch) is a humeral flexion thing. Humeral flexion is trained by chins, pull-ups, pullovers. However, it also has a triceps extension component to it.

On another note, I have been doing lots of weighted chin-ups lately, and a volleyball serve is the same anatomical motion as one. I decided to test myself and see how hard I could hit it and ended up smashing it against the wall. Someone asked me if I went to weight-room for volleyball or something…hahaha.