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Throwin it out to the crowd!!!

I am throwing my new supplement list out to the crowd because i wanted to see how everyone else is cycling their Biotest products. Here is what I got: 2 bottles of 4-ad, 2 bottles of tribex, 2 bottles of M, and a bottle of Methoxy for good measure. And yes i can read the damn pakages and have read all the articles and advice i just wanted to find out how the rest of the class was doing ir and see if anyone had anything else to add, so how would you go about using all these supps?

I was on t-dawg diet, I had androsol, tribex, M,& methoxy. I used the androsol for 2 weeks(35 spray X 2), then went on tribex+m+methoxy for 4 weeks, Repeat, but U can go longer with 4-ad(4 weeks) then cycle with tribex & M. I was trying to get the most bang for the bucks, but if you can afford take methoxy throughout. just my 2 cents:) happy supplementing

Would it be better to take Methoxy with the 4-ad or after with the tribex and M?

I am using Tribex or M year round. I will probably do some Mag10 shortly and I use Grow day and night.