Throwers in San Diego?

Any active post-collegiate throwers out there in San Diego? I’ve been away from hammer throwing for 5+ years and I’m looking to start up again. Not the easiest sport to find facilities for.

If there are any clubs/groups who would welcome an intermediate, rusty hammer thrower (PR 180, probably have trouble throwing 130 the first time back!), please let me know. I live in La Mesa, and I would also welcome suggestions on facilities/schools where one could practice on their own.


I don’t throw or do track, but did a quick google search and found this:

Maybe they can help ya?

Good luck!

It’s not too terribly close to you, but UCSD has a ring with a hammer cage (discus ring, but there’s usually a hammer insert over by the tennis courts). Its on the north side of the campus just off of North Torrey Pines. On the rare occasion I’m in San Diego, I always throw there.

There used to be a throwers club, Team Thor Throwers in San Diego. They held several throwers meets at UCSD every year, but quit doing that at the end of 2006. I don’t know what became of them.