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Throwers In Monterey Area


Hey all,

My name's Jacob Tsypkin. I am 17 years old and about to start junior college. I am going to be training for the hammer and possibly discus, and I have never thrown before. I will be practicing 2 hours a day during the cross country practices, however I would like to do more if at all possible.

Any throwers even remotely in this area (I am willing to travel) who would be interested in getting together and working some technique, please contact me via Private Message.

I have a lifting/sprinting program already (Mon-Wed-Fri lifting and short conditioning, 7-15 minutes rowing/biking/jump rope intervals, etc, Tues-Thurs hill/stair sprints and gymnastics, L-sits, supermans, hollow rocks, pullups, etc, Sat-Sun off), so I am really looking for as much help with my throwing technique as possible.

Thanks very much,
Jacob Tsypkin.





Read everything Dan John has to say on the subject. In case you don't know he's a regular contributer here at T-Nation and quite an accomplished thrower/coach.

Here's his personal website that specifically deals with his training methodologies.


His info is gold. Join the rest of the groupies here at T-Nation. :slight_smile:


Actually, it was Dan John who suggested I post here. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday and got a lot of useful advice.


Oh FFS that makes 3 of us. I'm also 17, also about to start college, and also looking to take up throwing.... Too bad we all live about as far away from eachother as possible, well for people in the continental US anyway.


Weird. Which throws?