Throwaway Fitness Training and Nutrition Log


db ohp 60x9
tricep pushdown 35x20
cable front raise 20x10
pull-up BW x 6
chest supported rows 180x12
drag curl 50x20
db rdl 60x10
leg press 200x20
seated calf raise 200x20
adductors x20

bodyweight 253

food for 9/18
220 p
203 c
46 f



db bench 90x11
dips BW x 6
cable lat raise 40x10
wide lat pull down 180x10
trap bar row 250x7
preacher curl 75x10
rdl 225x10
front squat 420x1, 250x10, 150x20
calf raise BW x 20
adductors x20

bodyweight 254

food for 9/19
213 p
227 c
68 f


Love the fight on that front squat. Quality



push press 230x1
ohp 150x10
tricep pushdown 35x16
plate raise 25x10
pull-ups +25x6
dc rope row 90x20
drag curl 50x20
db rdl 60x10
leg press 200x20
seated calf raise 200x20
adductors x20

bodyweight 253

food for 9/20
240 p
225 c
44 f


Smoked 230lb PP that time in less than a week later!


Crushing it in here as always, sir!



barbell bench 280x9, 230x17
dips +25x10
cable lat raise 35x10
cg pulldown 180x10,160x13
barbell row 275x10, 225x15
cable curl 40x20
roman chair 60x10
back squat 330x11
calf raise BW x 20
adductors x20

bodyweight 253

food for 9/21
225 p
184 c
82 f


100% agree with you. I don’t compete so missing a lift is like missing a 3-point shot. Sure it stinks, but you miss 100% the shots you don’t take as well. However, when you do actually make that lift that gave you pause and a tinge of anxiety as you were loading the plates and staring down what you were about to attempt knowing it could go either way…damn those are the best days of lifting when it works, are they not?!

If you have been lifting correctly for a long time and are as safe as you can be (power rack, safeties set correctly, etc…) you just set the bar back down on the safeties and have a good laugh at yourself when you miss. No torn muscles or broken bones; no big deal. Worst part of it is unloading all the damn plates so you can put the bar back in the j hooks to start over for the next set.

Sure if you’re a 1000lb squatter it becomes a matter of life and death to some degree. Sure, If you are not careful with 500lb it can mess you up. But if you can lift that weight (not attempting 500 if your prev best is 405) and are using sound form in a rack with safeties set properly where is the issue. I think a lot of people today don’t know what they are even capable of and are too afraid to find out. They would rather rely on a 1RM calculation or something else like that. That’s the best part of lifting imho; Figuring out what you are REALLY all about. We don’t get many other opportunities like that in life today so we just imagine what we think we are. Weights have a way of humbling ourselves to be better in a good way.

Online there seems to be so many folks (ie youngsters) who think they should never go for a PR and only go to technical failure. I can’t tell you how many times I have failed a squat on the safeties. I used to do Texas Method 5x5’s on Mondays with +5/10lb increases every week. I wanted that weight to go up so bad every damn week because it meant progress. I didn’t know better then and sometimes I would fail on sets 2 and 3 only getting 4 or 3 reps out of five. Most people would cut that workout short or drop the weight…probably s good idea. But you know what would happen sometimes….I would get all 5 reps on my last set of 5. Half this lifting thing is just a mind game in my opinion. Some of my best endeavors in life have been successful due to sheer stubbornness.

Sorry for the rant; I know you don’t need to hear it as you are busting you ass every day. But maybe some younger me will come across this and get motivated.