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Throw Sustnon In The Bin?


I have been coming back and forth with possible first cycles for a little while now, so sorry if its getting boring but I am only acting on your (sometimes conflicting) advice.

I am looking for a majority vote of confidence from you experienced guys before I start my first cycle.

I have decca 200mg, sus 250, dbol and nolva (for PCT) in my possesion I am trying to purchase arimidex for during cycle.

apart from the guy who sold it too me I cannot find anyone else who is a fan of sustanon, so should I bin the sus?

I am hoping that arimidex during and nolva for PCT is OK with everyone.
That leaves me with some decca and dbol

should I do a deca/dbol stack?

Or do you recommend I add something else.

I tried a dbol only cycle and gained really well on it in 6 weeks, but I was a total ass and did not have PCT in place and I suffered post cycle, I beleive I have naturally low testosterone levels.


age: 30
hieght: 5' 4"
weight: 160lbs (went up to 180 in 6 weeks on dbol only cycle)

training: years, mostly CV to date, but have started picking up the heavier wieghts now
Diet: superb, I know my stuff when it comes to food!

Any help is as always very much appreciated


Most people on here will tell you to add 500 a week of test E. Also you should run the test 2 weeks longer than the deca. And run the d-bol for the first 4 weeks. You probably already knew the last things i said but i threw it in there anyway. Good Luck


come on man, you've been around here long enough to know why deca without test is a bad idea.


Don't trash the Sust. I am a fan of Test. E as well, but if you inject the Sust EOD your blood levels should remain somewhat stable. Never run Deca w/out some form of Test.


I'm not a fan of sust as well. With that said, at the end of the day it is an AAS and is a form of test. So go ahead and run it and just inject EOD or whatever the popular recommendation is.Never run it myself


Thanks a lot guys, just out of interest why would you never run deca without a test?


If he ran Deca and Test together could he draw both into one syringe so as not to have to inject twice?


I know 2 guys that do this reguarlly, but my medical friend will not do it for me, he says he will help give me my IM's but he will not mix 2 drugs as this is a major NO NO, IMO its OK




huh?? Two oil based steroids can be injected through the same syringe.


like I said I know guys that do it, and IMO its Ok, BUT>>

Go ask any doctor if you can mix two drugs into one injection and they should tell you no.

My mate gave the rational as this:

the dug companies will do extensive testing on each dug as to their effects on the body.

even if you have 2 tested and safe drugs, unless there has been specific testing into how those 2 drugs react when combined then you should not take them combined.

I argued that if its Ok to have 2 seperate injections of 2 seperate drugs at the same time then why not mix them into one syringe as they will mix inside your body anyway.

my very experienced and knowlegable friend still refuses to give me a mixed IM.

Sustanon contains deconate anyway, so like you guys have said there is no problem mixing these 2 compounds (unless I can start doing it for myself I just have to take it in the ass twice!)




(Sustanon contains deconate anyway)

Dude, I don't know what u mean by this statement. But let me just say if you are insinuating that the Deconate in Sust is anyway shape or form simular to Deca, you are Totaly wrong. Nandrolone Decanoate is a total diff steroid than Test Decanoate. They do not work in the body in a simular fashion.

But, yes Sust and deca can be mixed. Do not take Deca by it's self. I personally like Sust. Actually the Sust. by it's self would make a better first cycle.


Oh yah Sust will give nice effects. Just take it EOD. As far as your Arimidex goes don't bother now that you allready have Novla. Novla is used during the cycle. From 20-30mg starting 3 or 4 weeks before the end of cycle. You do need clomid after your cycle has finished. run it for 2-3 weeks to get the nutz workin on there own again. Good luk! Probly should read a little more thow.


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