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Throw it all in a blender

Just wondering something…Is it okay to throw everything ina blender? Someone said it was bad but… i thought it would be better since everything will be broken down. There is more surface area exposed which makes it easier for you stomach and intestines to break things down. Fill me in on some info people! thanks in advance

Just make sure you have a blender that can take it all without breaking. The crappy $30 blenders can spin water and that is about it.

Invest in a vitamix (www.vitamix.com)

I throw everything in a blender. And I do mean everything! I drink 2 protein/carb shakes, 2 protein/fat shakes, a post workout shake, and a vegetable shake each day. I love all these shakes because I can bring them to work and school, and because it’s easier to drink when you’re not hungry than it is to eat. I thought it might mess with my digestive system, but since I started this, I actually have fewer digestive problems.

By consuming protein powder, MRP, etc., the TEF is much lower, but I may be wrong.

The TEF of whole protein sources can be upwards of 20% and it makes sense that powders are already broken down into a very pure form so the small intestines must do less work to break down the aminos.

ON the topic of blending carbs, a starch is still a starch and simple sugar is still a simple sugar. GI jump would be margin at best (5-10).

All and all these are not issues you need to lose sleep over. Remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of your effort will bring about 20% of the results (specific workout sytle, macronutrient percentages, supplements, etc). While the other 20% will equate to 80% of the results (training volume, calorie consumption, food choices).