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Throw Back Thursday


Jim this is the power look id say most who read and train your way are after,huge traps etc,do you remember what your training was at this time i.e would it be any of the ones on this site,by the way thanks for all the info you share on here too much appreciated https://youtu.be/sxvd-DkYtqU


The good old days! I don’t have a lot of pics or videos from those days, at least like there are now for most people. I forgot that this one existed. Although I’m not as big anymore - I certainly feel better. I’m also 8 years older too? Not quite sure when this was filmed.

It was a time of my life and that was about it. Eyes forward, new goals, always evolve.

I’m guessing my training was squats, pulls and presses. Probably 3 days a week or so. Not a ton of conditioning. A LOT of eating. Just eating whatever I could, as much as I could. I don’t know the specifics though.


“You do neck?!?!?!?!”