Throw Another Log on the Fire

I’m Starting the cube method and thought I’d keep a log. i actually skipped the first deadlift day and started with the heavy bench day. I re-aggravated one of my herniated discs (L4-L5 and L5-S1) and didn’t quite feel healthy enough to deadlift so i thought id give myself a couple extra days before jumping in with deads.

Day 2 - Heavy bench

Floor Press 280lbs - 5 sets of 2reps were no problem. I alternated the floor press with sets banded pullups, its not called for in the cube, but i always press better with blood in my back

the two sets of 15 on flat bench were surprising tough

210 lbs i only got 14 reps
245 lbs i got 10 even

ill be vague to not give away exactly what the cube heavy bench accesory work is but this was the rest

lat pulldowns - all sets were at 165, i did these lighter with more stretch at the top and squeeze at the bottom and was fried

band pressdowns - i used my elitefts modest micro bands. started with 3 because it just felt so easy, but by the time i got to about 15 i was shot and had to lose one to make it to 25 reps. using bands hit me much harder than cable pushdowns ever have

DB shrugs - 85 lb dumbbells. supposed to work on the “squeeze” so i went lighter and used fat grips to work on my trap squeezes and to get some grip work in

finally Military press. I plan on starting my bodybuilding day with strict press so since i was already fried i thought i would do behind the head to work on flexibility and rear delt.
i did them seated and behind the head down to touch my traps and back up. ive always struggled a these and with my spine still not 100% i didnt want to put to much weight on me so my seats were just 95, 115, and 135. fairly easy, but after all of the volume before hand im suprised i didnt miss.

all and all i was surprised by the volume and how tired i was walking out of the gym