Throbbing Shoulder Pain on Test/Tren

Mid 30’s, veteran but not pro to running cycles.

Current Cycle: 750mg Test-E Every Week with 750mg-Tren E Every week, pinned twice a week. I’m one month into a three month cycle. I have some Pfizer Hgh pens coming to run the the remaining two months and two extra months after. Typical PCT on standby.

Problem: Last two cycles I make massive gains but I always hit a point where my shoulders get a crippling, throbbing pain during chest and shoulder workouts. It feels muscular, but it could be joint or tendonitis. I’ll get 60% through a chest workout and then I’ll finish a set and my shoulders want to rotate inward to the center of my chest and they throb and burn like hell. It doesn’t feel like an injury. It feels training-specific induced. For days after, I can still lift but minor mechanical things like changing a lightbulb or holding my hands over my head for more than a few seconds is just miserable.

I can offset this when big gyms are open by pre-exhausting and doing a lot of decline. But I don’t have that option in my home gym.

Does anybody else have this? Is this a joint thing? Do I need to run a massive load of Glucosamine to offset this? Any input is helpful.

Could be wear and tear if you’re mid 30s and have been lifting over a decade. I’m your age and my shoulders don’t feel the way they did in my 20s. My suggestion is stay away from any exercise that aggravates them (such as flat bench in my case). Have you tried BPC-157? It worked wonders on my elbow tendinitis and shoulders felt better too.

If you have access, I’d suggest using a bamboo bar. Strap 25lb or 35lb plates to each end with doubled-choked monster-minis and do very high reps 75-100. It runs on OCE (oscillating kinetic energy) and will work as rehab/prehab for shoulders. Read more about it through the Westside Barbell articles and archives. I use it a lot and shoulders have never felt better.

I’m sure you know this but the size and strength gains made on gear do translate to tendons and connective tissue. You may feel strong AF but your tendons likely are showing wear and tear. You could also have an impingement in the shoulder due to bone spurs etc. You might consider seeing a good sports medicine ortho doc and get an MRI

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Sounds more like lifting related, rather than steroid related. Probably tendon impingement somewhere in the shoulder complex. Not aggravating it with heavy weight, floor presses rather than deep bench presses, Incline dumbbell press seem to help with my shoulder issues, as well as pre exhausting with flyes.

Steroids that are usually considered joint friendly are EQ and Deca. I personally don’t want to try deca due to potential deca dick, but EQ worked wonders for me in my joints, no pain at all. I don’t seem to get the same benefit(or at least as much) from just using testosterone.

Lying scapula raises, both forward and reverse seem to help too. The key is to make sure the scapula /shoulder initiates and takes all the load, and you aren’t relying on your elbow flexion to get maximum range of motion. It doesn’t need to be full ROM, stay in the pain free zone.

Also foam rolling the shoulder back and chest, trigger point self massage with a Thera-cane or something similar will help to loosen tight muscles.

Avoid using too much AI as it can tank your E2 and dry your joints out.

EQ’s going to be in my next stack. I have to only do joint-friendly now.

Thanks for the advice everybody. Much appreciated.

Thanks E, researching that now. I’ll do anything to keep this mobility. Wish i worked on that when I was younger.

I haven’t, but I’m lookin at BPC-157 now. Its good to hear a firsthand positive account.

Used it for my elbow tendonitis, good shit. BPC is injected local, I was switching between subq and IM around the site. That was what seemed to work the best for me.