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Throat Itch, Allergic to Almonds?

Anyone else have this problem? I’ve stopped eating them just in case it’s an allergy and will make an appointment to get it checked out unless someone else has had this problem only to find out they’re not allergic, thanks.

I’d go get an allergy test. A couple summer’s ago I was drinking with buddies, got pretty drunk, then came in and ingested some mixed nuts.

My head about doubled in size, my hands were huge, and I pretty much thought I was going to die. I ate some benadryl, ended up puking my guts out, then passed out. I’m pretty happy I didn’t die looking back.

I had eaten mixed nuts all the time when I was younger and somehow developed a nut allergy.

I went back and had another one done a couple months ago, to see if I could eat nuts. I’m fine w/ everything but Brazil nuts.

The doctor did mention something about a tingling/itchy mouth sensation in the lips or throat after eating certain foods. He had a fancy name for it, but said it wasn’t dangerous, but a form of allergic reaction.

The test is easy and if you have insurance I would highly recommend it just to be on top of things.

I have food allergies,Check this out.And for the record because I get this alot im not just saying im allergic to this stuff because I dont want to eat it.

Im allergic to all fresh fruit except apples grapes and strawberries.

All fresh Vegies and all nuts except peanuts cashews and sunflower seeds.

I go into anaphalactic shock,My throat swells pretty much shut and my throat and chest muscles get all tight and spasm.

It fucking sucks,I would totally eat fruits and vegies everyday if I could.I read the other day in Esquire that men who eat Celery put off a smell that is attractive to woman,That alone is reason enough to eat celery but I cant.

Advice, Get an Epi pen.

i get the itchy mouth and throat from milk. i hate it. and i get coldlike symptoms. stuffy noses etc