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Throat Injury

Ok, don’t laugh too hard, but my 10yr old sister pretty much kicked my ass.

I stopped by the house to visit and while I was talking to my parents she came up behind me while I was sitting on the couch and started giving me a hug, and then moved it into a perfectly executed sleeper choke. She’s done it before to my younger brothers, and put the 15yr old out when he kicked her cat, but it was the first time I had experienced it full force. I had to flex my neck pretty tight to keep blood flowing. I was so proud.

Because I’m so much bigger then her, her forearm couldn’t get all the way over my throat before she locked in, so she had pressure against my windpipe. She must have thought since I was bigger and not tapping she needed to pull really hard. She, among other things, deadlifts 90lbs. When she jerked back a lot of pressure was transferred to my throat via those bony forearms. I felt a sharp pain when she did it, and a minute later I could feel a lump when I swallowed.

It happened 14hrs ago and the lump is still there, slightly bigger. It’s hard to swallow so I’ve been taking Ibuprofen and it helped enough so I could eat without too much discomfort. No breathing issues. It’s not pressing against my windpipe at all, just my esophagus. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with this kind of injury? Something that should heal itself?

And apparently my buddy forgot to log out. I’m the actual OP. Sorry.

I think you should quit working out and give your T-Nation account to your 10yr old sister.

But seriously, I got no idea how you would fix that… Im guessing wait it out and see what happens over next day or so.

I get that sometimes when grappling when I’m being too badass and not tapping in time. Doesn’t happen with perfect RNCs, but alot of people just put the forarm to the trachea and press. It’s a bitch.