Throat Hunger

Anyone else experience this? Occasionally, like a few times per month, I’ll get severe throat hunger. I crave food very badly but my stomach feels fine. One time, a year ago or two, I bought a chicken sandwich at some restaurant on the Boardwalk in Sand Diego. After the first one I got the “throat hunger”. Needless to say, I stuffed 5 more down my mouth in about 10 minutes time. I honestly feel that these cases are a sign of my body telling me that it’s time to grow give me fuel. I’ll elaborate later.

Hey, Machine: Do you live in San Diego? I’m asking because Ko and I will be there for the Comic Con this year (August 1-4). Oh and I think you’re right about the body telling you to eat since it’s in a “grow phase”.

Ooops, I just answered my own question. Saw in the “off-topic” forum “Where are you from” thread that you’re in AZ. 'k

i get that all the time. I think its because im a greedy bastard.

Shucks! I’ll actually be in San Diego for vacating with the family Aug. 10 through the 17th so I’ll just miss you and ko. Would have been nice to grab a workout together. Guess I’ll have to go solo to Frog’s in Del Mar. Pretty nice gym. Also try Power House gym.

Yeah, would have been really cool to get in a workout! I had one time,worked out at a Golds Gym down there. Where is the Powerhouse? And I’ve heard of Frogs and have always wanted to try that “joint” out.