Thrilla96 Metcon for Muscle Log

Looking forward to attacking the next six weeks and taking my training to the next level!

It’s gonna be a lot of hard work. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions so that I can help you. Tag me so that I’m sure to see your questions.

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@Christian_Thibaudeau I imagine our start dates are the day we receive the surge shipment? I crushed the legs workout and completely understand how you refer to having a pump, legs filled quite nicely. I’m really excited to get this underway.

Do you have any dietary recommendations to maximize this 6-week program Metcon For Muscle? How would you optimize our workouts with Surge and complement the nutrition piece? What is ideal in your opinion?

Yes, or the first Monday after you get the shipment, it’s up to you

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It really depends on your goal.

If you want maximum fat loss, I really like the Velocity Diet. The combination of the V-Diet and the Metcon for Muscle can give a pretty drastic visual change due to rapid fat loss.

If you don’t want a fat loss that is as dramatic and wants to add some muscle, I would probably consume a maintenance-to-slight surplus in calories on the training days and go slight deficit on the off days.

If you want to focus on muscle gain and performance increase I would recommend a maintenance-to-slight surplus on the training days and a slight to moderate surplus on the off days.

As for macros. I would start with protein at around 1g per pound of body weight and have moderate carbs and fats and if possible, avoid having a lot of fats and a lot of carbs in the same meals.