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Threw Out My Arm. Pain Getting Worse

I’m typically not someone who throws things. So when me and my friends were hurling eggs at trees Randy Johnson style without warming up, of course the lifter who doesn’t play baseball is going to be the one who ends up getting dicked with an injury… X(

I’m wondering if anyone’s had experience with this. It seems to get worse as the days go on here. I’ve even been to a chiropractor twice within the past few days, but it only helped with some immediate relief.

It feels like there’s deep, deep bruising in my forearm near to where my elbow is on the side of my arm. It’s hard to tell the exact area it’s coming from. I’m also incredibly inflamed in my neck, trap, and shoulder blade region. I think the deep bruising is the most painful though…if my self diagnosis is even correct and that’s what it truly is.

This is about my third day of not using my arm to lift weights…but even the slightest use of it sets it off into a severe attack of boring like pain. Any experience with this? I’ve already had to hold back from lifting after oral surgery a couple weeks ago, then the flu, and now this. I’m about to go cray cray…