Three workout questions!

I have two quick questions:

  1. Can anyone reccomend some great exercises that will get me that striated ass? lol. Squats work the glutes, but Im looking for some other more direct exercises. I was thinking of adding in lunges. Any comments/other suggestions?

  2. I like to change up my workout periodically to keep my muscles guessing, but it seems with legs I always do squats. Is this a good thing, or do I need to rotate squats in and out of my workout like every other exercise?

  3. Can anyone reccomend some good calf exercises. I’ve been doing a brutal weighted seated calf raise / unweighted standing calf raise superset for a while - it works great but I think I need a change soon.

Thanks all.

ALWAYS SQUAT! Just vary the exercise every few weeks. IE: Change: Tempo, Reps, Weight, Foot Stance, etc. The lean Ass is BF% and thus diet my friend!

#1: The only thing that will give you a “striated ass” is an extremely low BF%. Drop the fat, and you’ll get the shredded rump. If you are genuinely concerned with increasing the size of your glutes, stick with deep squats and deadlifts (you can use a sumo stance to increase glute involvement). Also, lunges always make my glutes sore. Just make sure to do the eccentric portion of the movement slowly.

#2: You don’t always have to do back squats. You can always mix it up with front squats, hack squats (old style or machine), or manipulate the width of your stance or position of the bar on your back. Also, I assume that you’re already periodizing so that the rep range is changing over time. Poliquin recommends that you not do a workout more than six times without changing things up.

#3: Check out Poliquin’s Luke Sauder Calf Routine from Issue #1 of T-Mag; it’s pretty good. To mix things up, you can incorporate donkey calf raises and toe presses on a leg press machine. Also, try skipping rope a few times a week to bring you calves up. BTW, Chad Waterbury’s 100-rep program works great for calves.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jim- when you work arms during the week you make sure to work bi’s and tri’s right? Why wouldn’t you have Hips and Glutes built in to your routine. You could do squats more than once a week but they can’t all be narly heavy sets some must be light and working on range of motion and pattern of movement. Oly Squats, front squats, hack, Dead Squat, overhead squat, Wide squat. Have you done Good mornings, Zurich good mornings, What about seated wide base good mornings and of course Natural Glute ham raises. As for your calves you have been doing heavy isolation work switch to jumping rope on a slant or with jump shoes, that will destroy your calves a spark growth. BTW anyone who ever suggests the leg press machine as a way to do anything is not worth listening to, seriously I would like to meet the guy who is so properly developed in the posterior chain that he can afford to waste time by isolating his quads. If your quads don’t grow from doing the different squats properly it is not the leg press that will help you. It will only create more imbalance.

  1. Cardio and diet for the ripped-ass
  2. I say squat every leg day, vary the rep ranges and throw in some front squats and barbell lunges for good measure.
  3. HEAVY calf raises on a smith machine with a calf block or box, and I mean heavy. Don’t be afraid to put a few plates on each side. :slight_smile:

There was a short topic written a while ago about lunges. It explained how to do static lunges and then switch to dynamic lunges to blast the glutes. Check it out.

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