Three Weeks Into PCT, First Cycle

I recently did a cycle or test prop and added tren about three weeks into it for two weeks and am finished i took myself off early and started my ct with tamax… and was using a letrozole anti est during it to ensure i do not get gyno… I am about three weeks in my pct should I stop now?I am worried for it to come back … keep in my this was my firt cycle

So what exactly are you asking? Estrogen can run rampant during pct so you could use your AI throughout your pct. I personally don’t use letro while on pct, only on cycle. I normally switch to arimadex .25mg eod. If you started your pct a couple days after your last prop pin 3 wks should be adequate time to get the boys back working…letro is amazing for lowering estrogen. Got rid of my gyno in a wk

letro is the mutt’s nuts. People fear it because it’s so strong but it’s by far the most cost effective AI