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Three Weeks Into 30-30-30, Update

Hi All,

Wanted to share my very little experience on the 30-30-30 program.

Firstly, I have to say it feels like the silver bullet.
Only into the third week with doing my best to get in the superhydration, walks etc. Not being able to do everything suggested.

However, if in such a short time, I am stronger and appear leaner. The belt is a further notch down and the T-shirts baggier.

BUT - one the I can’t explain, I am actually heavier than I was.
Thoughts and explanations anyone… all ears / eyes.

Thank you all.

The belt notch is ALWAYS your best yardstick for ‘fat loss’ programs. You weigh more because you’ve put on muscle — yet still gained (lost?) a belt notch — thus, you gained more muscle than the amount of fat you lost! Yahtzee!!!
Keep doing what you’re doing until you plateau. Then, some variation may be in order.

Thank you.
I’ve set myself some milestones, more in terms of regularity of gym attendance than anything else.
So far, so good.

Thanks for reading and replying, appreciated.

How is your eating(deficit,surplus), and do you come from a (even short) layoff?
Do you track your weight every day or the increase of weight is referred to day 1 of the routine? Interested to know, thanks :).

Tbh, it was my teenager son who has pestered me back in the gym.
I have had a very sedantry life for the last several years … I could see the belly getting bigger, t-shirts riding up etc …

Back when time allowed I always went against the “norm” and followed Mentzer et al.

I did two weeks of turning up regularly as I drove my son to the gym and reacqauinted myself with equipment… nothing serious… more about making sure I could and would commit - and overseeing Jnr.

I have been making more sensible choices in my food intakes, cut out the easy option of processed foods and by Achilles heel, desserts. I weighed myself on the evening of going back to the gym and found it to read 13st 2lbs [apologies for those who weigh in Kgs etc] - last I weighed myself was two nights ago and it read 13st 7lb.

The jeans and t-shirts are def. looser. The family pack is smaller and my arms / shoulders seem to fill the t-shirts better.

Hope it helps in some way

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