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Three Q's

What kind of dosage should I take for injectable Tamoxifen, Chlomid as PCT?ie 20mg oral p/d wadda about injectable same or what, that a lot of injections at 25mg/ml???

What about injectable T3 is this dosage the same as oral? Pros Cons etc.

Question 2 Melanotan II what kind of dosage do you generaly need to obtain a good tan? How Long does it last and is it worth it? Pros Cons Etc. Thanks


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You just said on your other post that this isn’t your first cycle. I’d hate to ask what your other “cycle[s]” looked like. Injectable T3 and Tamoxifene? Why don’t you just dry it up and snort it while you’re at it.

Easy Control just asking didn’t say I bought it/ just looking for some local opinion. I know how to use the internet. Thats why Im posting this. If you got something to add do it but what you dont need to do is put your finger in my face

Who in the hell injects these chems?

Beam me up, scotty

Good question just found a source with 25mg/ml Tamoxifen I dunno what that means unless it is injectable ChemOne RainJack Hell!???

Lol, chemone’s products are liquid oral.

As for the melanotan q’s search for Bushidobadboy’s “Interesting Melanotan Tale” it’s long but the thread has pretty much answered everything I ever wanted to know about the stuff.

Thats what I need appreciate the straight up answer minus the crap Diana. Was that not a honest uninformed question? Thanks Again

Eh, well don’t take what I say as law. Not everything they sell is liquid oral. The nol/clo is though. The melanotan is injected but it comes as a powder I think. So you need a mini chemlab to make the shit into an injectable.

Basically just do some more research. Your problem is that you are too eager. Read the boards for a few months then start making some decisions.

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