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Three Protein Drinks a Day?

Too much, or should i get more protein from meat? i must say i’m proud of myself, i’ve been keeping a good training routine for about a month and i’ve lost 6 lbs.!

i also went up in my weight exercises. i wanna keep losing fat while getting stronger but i dont know if i am overdoing it with the protein drinks. the protein is mixed in with 2% milk.

To much NO more form meat sure. Either way its food, they are both protein do what you can what is easiest for you to reach your protein intake


Three is fine, I’ve met/learned from a VERY big stong guy (a national level competitor, 1000lb+ squater), whos profession is a big time lawyer, the majorit yof his protein intake is form shakes. just make sure to eat veggies with the shakes, ‘baby’ carrots and baged spinach are quick and easy things to carry around with you or eat at home. I personally have a shake with my breakfast for my protein and then another as my 2nd to last meal of the day, again, with veggies.

I say try to get as much protein from whole food sources as possible. Then get the rest from protein supplements.

There’s just something satisfying about throwing a big ole steak on the grill and watching it sizzle. A shake is a bit messier and tends to slip through the grates.

Well, that depends on the ratio between protein powder and water :wink:

I usually do 3 and i seem to be fine with it. Just make sure to eat some fruit, flax meal or some other fiber for colon health.

Nutrition-wise, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to get your diet full of whole foods first. Then supplement with protein shakes.

I usually have a protein shake or a MRE between meals, after workout, or with a low protein meal (like a PBJ sandwich and veggies).

If you’re having trouble getting the protein you need from whole foods, one easy way is to go to the local grocery store and buy a rotisserie chicken or turkey breast.

At costco, these are like 5 dollars, but at my safeway it’s closer to $8-9. Take off the skin, then separate the meat into portions for the rest of the day and the next day (usually a chicken won’t last more than two days for me).