Three-Phase Hypertrophy: The Workout Plan

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Maximize muscle growth by using three synergistic phases of training: volume, load, and intensity.

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  • Volume-Based Hypertrophy – Increases training volume throughout the six weeks (1-2 sets per week), allowing training-stress augmentation without overstressing. As you increase volume, you try to also add weight without sacrificing form. Keep the programmed 2 reps in reserve (short of failure) on all work sets

  • Load-Based Hypertrophy – Increases training loads weekly. Add weight without sacrificing form 5-10 lbs, depending on the exercise. As the load increases, the number of reps per set decreases or switches to clusters. The set/rep volume is fairly constant.

  • Intensity-Based Hypertrophy – Increases training intensity by using a more demanding training method weekly. If possible, try adding 5-10 lbs without sacrificing form, but you’ll still progress if you don’t.

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Greetings, is this series do-able with 5-90 adjustable dumbbells, bands, bench and pull up?

Sadly, no. It requires access to a regular gym