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Three Months of Supplements


Im going out of the country this summer and want to buy enough supplements to last me the whole summer. How many and of what should i get for the summer. I was thinking Superfood, Metabolic Drive, BCAA's, Flameout, and creatine.


The answer to your question is probably dependent on how much money you’re willing to spend, and what your goals are. In my opinion, the basics would be Flameout, Metabolic Drive, and Surge. If I could afford more, I’d probably go with ZMA, BCAA’s, and maybe creatine. The rest depend on your goals and what you’re training for. I’m a big fan of Beta-7 myself. Hope that helps.


you could solve all your problems and run to GNC and get a couple of the Jay Cutler box sets. Those rock and you’ll gain like 20 pounds in two days. Its science man.

nah seriously. just see how often you’re gonna train. how many meals you’re gonna possibly miss. from there u can figure out your Metabolic Drive and Surge needs. Its the same with every other product you want, read the label, see how many servings you need, then buy the correct amount of products. pretty simple my man!!