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Three Months "Hardcore" Workout Advice


This is my first post and I will try to be as concise and clear as possible. In 2014 I reached the weight of 100 kg, a threshold I never wanted to cross, for my health. I started practicing “bodybuilding” as a game, and I managed to lose weight. In 2016 I weighed 80 kg. With the results my interest in bodybuilding progressed. Because I suffer from severe anxiety and depression, which prevents me from going to a gym, I bought the equipment and weights that I considered necessary.

I tested many training programs and I have no preference in this regard, but something worked great for my muscles: slow reps. Due to personality problems, in order to stay motivated I usually choose a model, a standard, after which to be inspired. Having a height of 173 cm, I was looking for bodybuilders of the same height. Here I come to my model, the bodybuilder, I have in mind every time I train: Mike Mentzer (quite far, right?). I also learned from him about those slow cadences (4-6 sec. per positive / negative) that work excellently for me, I never got injured, I never overworked.

After 3 years of training I have come, by my standards, quite far. A weight of 78 kg, I “finished” the weights I had initially bought, which I supplemented with heavier ones. I tried different rest times between sets, from 40 seconds to 3 minutes. I feel that the most effective is to wait around 2 and a half minutes, 3 minutes. After these 3-4 years of work I realized that my “dream” is far from achieved, an illusion. My depression worsened and my motivation failed to complete any training I was starting.

In the middle of 2019 I gave up the training, I maintained my weight, but, with the restrictions of the covid epidemic and sedentary lifestyle, I am heading again towards the 100 kg threshold.

—Middle of the story/Useful information—
I was left with a lot of supplements, I kept all the equipment and I want to take bodybuilding seriously this time. I finished my studies and this year I allow myself not to work, in other words, I have a lot of free time. I will further list the supplements and devices they have.

Supplements: (I did not write magnesium, zinc, omega 3, etc.)
– Whey ( 112kcal, 25 g protein)
– Whey (136kcal, 27 g protein, 4 g carbs)
– Whey (201kcal, 15 g protein, 28 g carbs)
– Pre-Workout
– BCAA (I use it more for good taste along with: L-Glutamine & Creatine)
Although many say that supplements do not have a major impact, I can say that there is often a difference between a workout without supplements and one with supplements, especially in terms of fatigue and recovery.

– Bench ( flat, decline 15°, incline 30°, 45°, 80°)
– Barbell (up to 60 kg +)
– Dumbbells (up to 18 kg +)
– Pull up bar
– Stationary bike
– Bodybuilding rack (75 cm to 120 cm)

—The end of the story/Question—
Recently I received some supplements that I would like to make the most of their benefits and give me a fresh start. Namely: Enanthate testosterone (10 ml, 250 mg/ml), Tamoxifen Citrate (50 x 20 mg) and a Diet Pack. Being new here, I don’t know if I’m allowed to give links and product names, but I will risk because the compositions are complex enough to be written succinctly.

What advice can you give me to get the best results from this period of maximum dedication, which will last 3 months (February-April). Initially I decided to go on the famous training composed of complex exercises (squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, bench press, etc.). But with a lot of free time, would it be better to train more often (4/5 days a week)? My main goal at the moment is to lose weight without losing a lot of muscle mass. I am waiting for any advice related to the training program and/or the nutrition program.

Current status:
Age: 24 (23 ½)
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 97 kg
No other health problems.

Some issues I need to mention:
– Due to severe anxiety, I can’t go outside to run.
– Due to knee problems that prevent me from doing lunges, and due to the lack of quadriceps training machines, I can only do squats and sumo deadlifts. My mobility is not so good that I can do stiff-leg deadlifts. So far I have integrated the squats in other training days, without having one dedicated to the legs because of this (lack of exercises).

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this long text and for the advices I will receive. And last but not least, sorry for the grammatical mistakes, English is not my mother language and for writing the text I used Google Translate and a Spell Checker.

You have no business using steroids. None. Get rid of them.

You need to seek a mental health professional to assist with your depression and anxiety. The fact that you casually mention you can’t go outside to run due to anxiety should be a clue that you have other issues that should be taking priority over bodybuilding.

3 months isn’t going to do much for you, this is a long game that takes years of dedication. Get your mental health in check first.


This training program will probably be good for you if your goals are physique based, you can choose exercises to suit your equipment.

This will hopefully help you with your nutrition:

I think if you follow both those articles for three months you could look very different.

I’ll let others talk to you about the supplements.


I’ll second what 46and2 and caesium32 both said.

You also mention realizing your “dream” is far from achieved, but I don’t think you actually say what that dream or goal is. If it’s to look like Mentzer, then that’s probably an unrealistic goal and before you even worry about that, I’d get your anxiety and knee issues straightened out.

Dump the drugs.

Run 3 months of 531 hard gainers. Or the 3 month Boring But Big challenge (BBB).

Or 2 of the following each 6 weeks long.
Super squats
Building the monolith
Deep water

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Not exactly supplements.

So… when no one was saying what you wanted to hear. You asked for your thread taken down?

Fyi most aren’t anti gear on this site. But a large majority dont feel a beginner has any business using them. Which most will assume you are since this was posted on the beginner forum.

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Greetings, o/

I asked this question on many Facebook groups and Bodybuilding forums, but I don’t know why I got 70% bullying DM’s. Although I needed advice on training and nutrition, most commented that I should treat my depression, anxiety, and be more concise (because not everyone is interested in the background). I did not receive any concrete answer on any other site. Only here the 2 articles recommended by caesium32 that were also useful on the subject. I was disappointed. I had high expectations of collegiality, help, enthusiasm from bodybuilding communities. I started using supplements (supplements or not) according to medical records. I chose to dedicate this period to the golden six trainings (because I am lazy when it comes to tables and the template was already made in excel, on the internet). I have moderate hopes about the end of this training cycle of 3-4 months, more precisely, January 20 - May 30). Because I felt bad about the feedback, I chose to delete all the posts from the Facebook groups, from the forums (even the accounts where possible). Where it was not possible, I edited the message so that I would not receive feedback on this topic. As an idea, of all the forums I’ve been to, T-Nation has been the most professional in its approach. See you and keep working to make your dream come true, whatever it is.

Dan G.

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Get off the gear and Read 10 Dan John articles
-apply his knowledge you will get in great shape and feel better

I’m glad you’re starting on something but like everyone else has said, I’d really suggest leaving the ‘supplements’ for the sake your health. They are not supplements but steroids. There is a pharma section on here plagued with people trying to solve problems caused by misuse of them. Maybe read it before so you know what you’re getting into.

I don’t think people are against you, they just don’t agree with your approach. If you have mental health issues than using substances that have affects on hormones seems risky. Tbh from my skim of the pharma section it seems risky whatever is going on for the individual. I’ve seen some on here that use steroids suggest that others don’t, even when they didn’t seem to be in a place of low wellbeing.

Anxiety can cause a person to be in a flight or fight physical state for a length of time, adding substances to that creates unknowns.

They may have mentioned not using gear out of care.