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Three HCG Questions

Going to keep this short and simple.

Running an 8 week Test-E cycle with Dbol kickstart. Plan on using HCG during cycle to help with recovery of my 2 friends down below.


  1. Should I HCG the first week, or 3/4 weeks in?
  2. is 500 IU’s 2x a week the right dosage?
  3. How long should I leave between stopping HCG and starting PCT (clomid apparently shouldnt be taken in unison with HCG)?


  1. Start the first week.

  2. That is fine and is what I take with good results, but others recommend 250iu 3x per week.

  3. Run hCG until right before you start PCT, so about 2 weeks post cycle. The half life for hCG is highly individual but mean is about 20hrs.


Awesome reply, cheers man. Just because you seem to know your shit I am just going to post my cycle below, think its all okay but if you notice anything wrong please let me know. Thanks again:

1-8 test E 500mg/week (250x2)
1-4 dbol 30mg/day (10x3)
1-6 TUDCA 500mg/day (250x2)
1-10 hCG @ 1000 IU’s per week (500x2)
1-10 Arimidex @ 0.25 EOD (up to 0.5 if nipples sensitive) (taper at end, 0.125 last week)

Clomid 75-50-50-25mg
Nolva 40-20-20-10mg

You were doing good until PCT. No need to stack nolva and clomid. Taking just one or the other is actually more effective, and if I had my pick I’d chose nolva for a few reasons.

Take a look at this…


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HCG should be ran @ 250iu 3x per week through entire cycle up until PCT - This dose is optimal and also reduces the risk of desensitisation compared to using higher doses…

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Run HCG from the start until week 10. I do 250iu mon/wed/fri

Run adex until week 10 and taper into PCT

With dbol and 500mg of test i would personally be running adex at 0.5mg EOD but everyone is a bit different