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Do you guys think 3 a days are a dumb idea? I have an idea to do a leg workout, then a couple hours later do a back workout, and then another couple hours later do a chest workout. What do you think would be the effects of this? Im not really planning on doing this, im just curious.


If you got all day try it keep each session brief yet intense.

Good luck


Since I have a full Gym in my home and work out of my home office most days I have tried something similar to that before.

I would go into the Gym and perform four to six sets three times per day. I found that it worked quite well. But there was one problem: I got sick of it quickly. The only really good program is the proggram that you stick with.


My free time would allow me to do this, but do you think that i would get optimal progress from doing this? Lets say this as an example:

12:00 Legs
Back Squats 3x8
Romanian Deadlifts 4x6

3:00 Back
Pull Ups 3x8
bent over rows 4x6

6:00 Chest
Dumbbell Bench Press 3x8
Weighted dips 4x6


I personally think it's better to do the same things each time.

For instance, try Squats 3x8 & RDLs 3x6 at 12,3&6, then the next day do PullUps 3x8 & Standing Presses 3x6 at 12,3&6.


not a good idea. stick with intense,brief,and infrequent/ 3 times a week sounds better, not three a day. back in the day i tried somthing like that. needless to say it took me along time to gain muscle untill i followed the above.


Yeah, im not really sure if im planning on trying it or not. But what if i were to do the above workout 3 times a week? Also since working out spikes your testosterone level, would working out 3 times in a single day spike it even more?

Would there be a difference between doing the above workout all at once compared to splitting it up in 3 parts? Or one of the many full body workouts on this website, would there be any effects of splitting them up in 3 different parts to be done in 1 day?


Your suffering from what's called "analysis paralysis". Just go out and DO IT and see how it works.


Only advice I'd give you is that if you do decide to pursue this schedule, make sure to increase your daily caloric intake commesurate with the increased amount of time in the gym.


I'm not sure that three a days targeting different muscle groups would be that beneficial, at least any more so than working them out on different days. I don't think it would neccessarily be bad, but you'd definitly have to make sure you keep the volume down in each workout. However, it might be a decent idea every now and then to shock your system.

However, if you had a specific goal to increase a specific lift, frequency is your friend. Shit, you could do 10 workouts as long as you regulated the volume per day. It would be very effective because you'd be getting a lot of high-quality practice reps.