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Threat to the Family: The Doctor said what?


Found this interesting article: http://www.catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=42101

What are your thoughts on taking a child away from parents because they are obese?


Extreme morbid obesity in prepubsecent children requires almost without exception a fairly high degree of negligence on behalf of the parents. An 8 year old child weighing over 200 lbs demonstrates the same parental lack of concern for the child's well being as an 8 year old child being starved and underfed. This isn't a matter of children being a little chubby. This is a matter of children under the age of 10 with BMI's that exceed those of many obese adults.

Being that the medical care of children often falls as a burden to the taxpayer, the taxpayer should have some say in basic acceptable standard for children receiving said health care. Children of that age are unable to properly provide for themselves, so if you legitimately care for the well being of children (which would be a condition of your stance on abortion), then you cannot rationally through "maxims applied universally without exception" deny the need for subsidized health care for children.

Through "maxims applied universally without exception", affirmation of a parent's right to destroy the life and health of their child through facilitated morbid obesity also affirms the right of parents to kill and abuse their birthed children as well as the right to abort a pregnancy.


I would say it's OK if the parents are on-board with it, obviously.

Funny, they used to say the same thing about childhood asthma/eczema/allergies.
That 'something' in the household was causing it...either substance, emotions, conflicts, enabling, etc. If the child was removed and taught to propery care for themselves, the condition would fall away. I had an otherwise healthy cousin who was put into the hospital for 3 weeks, just to prove this theory. He did get about 80% better and eventually outgrew it.


IMO it may serve as an indicator that further investigation is needed. Alone, I'm not sure if it should be grounds for removal.

I think few would argue with the above.

And yet...
[There are many problems with Ludwig and Murtagh's comments. For instance, they say that severely obese children are at "imminent risk." This is an exaggeration. While it is true that obesity constitutes a health risk, no fair minded person would call the risk imminent. They also accuse the parents of obese children of "chronic failure." This is pure speculation. It is obvious that there could be other possible reasons. Furthermore, they say that they want to "control harmful behaviors," which is a red flag. [/quote]

"No fair minded person, huh?" Does he have a medical degree such that his opinion on extreme childhood obesity should be taken seriously? If not, why didn't he use other professionals.

"Chronic failure" as "pure speculation"? The child abuse investigators and social workers I've spoken to have spoken of frequent house visits.

Child abuse and/or neglect should not be taken lightly.


The creation of a new law or empowerment to take legal action on a new premise is a fucking pandoras box of interpretation and application, which in my opinion, virtually always leads to abuse.

Stuff like this is the type of creepy and pervasive intercession into personal rights and freedom that makes people hate government. ((IMHO)hehe, haven't used that one in a while)


Maybe social workers should just get more involved with such a family. Target and harrass the parents more, some kind of obligatory camp for one or two weeks could possibly be acceptable, maybe they should take the whole family to a wildernes camp and let them huff and puff there for a while (just fantasizing).

Taking the child away from the parents by law seldom produces good results, it produces overly eager bureaucrats. Maybe there could be a meter of some kind. If the child is unable to wobble say 50 yards then he is taken away for while to get the weight on accepptable lewel.
I wish stupidity could be made illegal.


yes, let's break families. Let's punish consumers... as long as you do not contest the sacred rights of suppliers.


So you're totally ok with letting parents willfully neglect their children? We aren't talking about chubby kids here, we're talking about 200 lb third graders. This is very real and it is happening. Physicians can no longer refer to type-2 diabetes as "adult onset diabetes" due to the enormous number of pre-adolescent children who are developing the disease.


It depends on if we are talking about a chubby kid or a 140 pound toddler...

Some kids should be removed.


Agreed. CPS takes kids from their parents in other cases of physical abuse or gross neglect; why should this be any different?


What do you want to bet the fatty parents are on the dole for some fatty disability?