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Thread Nazi Playground


This thread is for all the thread nazis. It is intended to be like the "curl in squat rack", "dumbest things you've seen at the gym", "noobs suck!" and other whiney rants.

Hang out here, whine all day!

"This has been done before", "Google it!", "OMG do you ever use search?" et cetera.

What do you want to whine about most here on T-Nation? Have fun!


Let it go son.


Those damn kids and their obnoxious rock and roll music!

What's wrong with a little Elton John or Barry Manilow to lift to? Maybe some Niel Diamond!

No, they gotta have these growling shitfests of indiscernible cacophony. Th singers sound like an elephant farting into a PA system and the instruments all sound like a 3 minute car wreck!

Damn Kids these days.

Don't even get me started on fucking pianos and people who wish they played one.


how does one even decide they WANT to fuck pianos? I mean, really?!

WTF is wrong with people these days....



INB4 Iron Dwarf complains about my stupid pictures.


Well, I mean, have you ever tried it?


I fucking hate it when people talk to me while I'm working out. When I'm stretching it's one thing, but while I am actually MOVING WEIGHTS or pushing the prowler WHY The FUCK ARE you trying to start up a conversation with me?!?! AND OHH ohh, come on now, that's so bitchy, these people are just curious/they want to get to know you/yadda yaddda. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT, prowler makes me feel like pUKING AND you standing there WATCHING me military press makes me want to throw dumbells at your face!!!!!!!!. GET AWY FROM MEEEEEEEEEIAHTEYYOUALLSOMUCH!!!!!! EVEN when I listen to music they try to talk to me??!? I don't get it... one guy actually went in front of the prowler while I was pushing it and I fumbled around trying to turn off my ipod all like "huh wha awhaa?!" like whAT"S GOING On?!! and he was like "hello, how much does this thing weigh?" THEN he started to push it and was alll "ohh very good" <<<< WTF?!!!!!!!

ok i feel better.


no comment


The piano is one of the most overhyped, unerotic musical instruments ever. Frigid even. Orchestras have wood and the horn.


How about a lack of pictures then.


With its richly dark luster and smooth elegant curves (and they weigh about 600 lbs,) I figured it would be like...

But NOOOOOO! Here comes some geeky salesman right out onto the show room floor yellin about calling security, and swatting at me with a clarinet!

Who in the hell tries to hit someone with a clarinet for chrissakes! Those buttons are sharp. I almost lost a nipple.

The nerve of some people!






Don't even consider the violin. All those positions, not to mention what they want you to do with your fingers...I mean, fuck you, rosining my bow should be a pleasurable activity, right!?

Also, Bad grammer...



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Ireny fayl.


I really hate it when people say really funny and witty things on the interwebz, and I want to be a part of the conversation and say funny and witty things, but I can't think of anything funny and witty enough to justify posting on the same site, much less the same forum as these people so I feel really awkward and type shit like this so I can feel like I am connecting with people but it's really just one of those things that that I am using to keep me awake at the moment because I have been on duty for 26+ hours, then, through deep personal psychoanalysis I realize that this is just a pathetically weak attempt at getting my post count up. Also I hate run on sentences.


I can teach you.

I charge a fee.

There;s a waitlist.