Thoughts on Workout

This will be done on a ABAB format Mon, Wed, and Fri. so ABA on first week BAB on second and so forth. It is a twice a day workout that is heavy compound in the AM and volume in the PM. I might also switch the DL’s to RDL or power cleans on the week when i do BAB to give my back a break.

Workout A
am Heavy Push
Squat ramped set 5x5
Bench ramped set 5x5

Workout A
pm High rep pull
1-arm DB rows 3x12
Upright Rows 3x12
1-leg DL 3x8

Workout B
am Heavy Pull
Dead Lift ramped set 4x5
Weighted Pullups 5x5

workout B
pm High rep push
DB bench 3x12
Split Squats 3x12
Arnold Presses 3x12

Tell me what yall think.

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