Thoughts on Why Nandrolone (Deca) is Causing ED in Some Men

So I just wanted to start a discussion on Deca and the fear of erectile dysfunction surrounding the reputation of this compound. It seems that for some it is a little more than just a minor problem, deca-dick is most definitely a real thing.

I am mostly starting this thread as a reaction to a video I watched made by “more plates more dates” who - if I understood well - seems to suggest that Nandrolone in itself does not actually cause ED in the way people believe it does. I decided to dig a little more into it and I have indeed found others suggesting the same thing:
In short, the combination of super-physiological doses of testosterone with nandrolone is the main issue and causal factor for erectile dysfunction. This is not an issue related to progesterone nor prolactin, but rather an issue related to the fact that testosterone synergizes the estrogenic potency of Nandrolone.

I have seem some people suggest that it is actually more advisable to lower or drop the test dose while running NPP cycles. Question how do you go about this?

Quoting a reddit thread:
"run 0.5mg-1mg Finasteride with your Nandrolone cycle everyday. This will inhibit a good portion of DHN. Results in 50% increase in androgenic activity and optimal stimulation of androgen receptors in androgenic tissue. This cures deca dick problem, it resolves psychological arousal (due to optimal androgen receptor stimulation in the brain)

But we are left with some issues. Once you do this, your skin will instantly get oily as fuck, you’ll have acne out of no where and you lose some of the benefits of DHN. Plus, you want to fuck 24/7 and your dick agrees with you also. It seems like the dopaminergic issues resolve after the brain androgen receptors are optimally stimulated without DHN (as nandrolone will act as the parent agonist, without DHN antagonising Nandrolone).

Also, gyno symptoms would also disappear due to breast tissue estrogen receptor is antagonised by Nandrolone (no DHN to stop this).

So if we inhibit the formation of DHN, then nandrolone does not metabolise to a piss ass weak androgen in these local tissues (DHN works to antagonise nandrolones true androgenic potency as well, hence DHN actually reduces prostate size, and restores hair growth). With 5-AR inhibition, DHN does not get produced when nandrolone crosses local 5-AR tissues and thus instead would activate those local receptors much more potently."

Here is the video made by Derek on this topic: What It Feels Like To Be On Deca (Nandrolone) - YouTube

I haven’t tried steroids- still researching and deciding- but from everything I’ve read, I seriously cannot understand why anyone would use ANY amount of deca. I think I would try tren before I even enter a room with deca in it, and tren scares the crap out of me.

I realize that all drugs have side effects, but damn, deca is on a different level. The crippling depression, the useless male equipment… and these can last for longer than a year.


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Dead horse… meet baseball bat. There are a thousand threads on this.


All over this forum. A quick search and you’ll find some answers/theories

Me too on that, more reward for risk. Better off staying with the safer stuff though.

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Doesn’t make sense to me on its own this hypothesis.

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  It's important to remember that everyone is going to like different drugs, and have different reactions to them.   Some people can use nandrolone with no issues whatsoever-myself included-and if that is the case it's basically awesome.   It's much better than tren I can tell you that much, for me personally.  Builds more muscle and doesn't mess with sleep like tren does, and most importantly, you can be on it for long periods of time.  Like months to years continuously.  Try that with tren, lol.  And that is really the key-if you want to get BIG,  it doesn't matter what drugs you use, what matters is how long you can use them for.

IDK about this statement. The strongest libido and hardest erections I’ve ever had in my entire life were on 400Test/400NPP.

I wouldn’t attempt this. I have had a love hate relationship with NPP for over a year now, and tried running it with Test at all different ratios. I seem to be immune to NPP pee-pee and never experienced sexual problems at any ratio. I did however find that anything less than 1:1 Test/NPP and my everything suffered (training, libido, erections, etc). For a brief period of a couple weeks, I actually attempted what you are describing once and got scared and stopped. I wanted to get rid of unsightly water during a blast and went several days injecting NPP only, letting Test levels come down. I felt worse each day, workouts went downhill quickly, and felt sex drive diminishing.
Now there’s no way these undesirable effects were from my Test levels decreasing in those few days. Tons of graphs show a drop in serum levels of only about 100ng/dL per day. I believe it was increased concentration of NPP, relative to Test, that made me feel worse each day.

My advice is never run it higher than Test.

thank you for the insight! A lot of the time I value experience over science. Pharmacology can only help explain things to a certain extent. But individual reaction will always sit at the core of what protocols work best for a person.

Do you think that this could be part of the libido doing down thing? People use these drugs and feel like a teenager, then libido is lower while off and they think something is off.

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Yeah I definitely anticipated a decrease in libido as I let Test levels come down. But it wasn’t just libido. As test came down, and I kept pinning NPP every day, I felt more and more like a huge pile of the stuff that comes out of a dogs butt.

OP suggested at some point during his post to drop the test dose on NPP cycles. My experience with doing that sucked. But, as you know, we are all very different.

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