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Thoughts on VRI Routine

What do you guys think of this VRI routine? I have recently finished Starting Strength and moving on to an intermediate program. My goals are to maximize size and strength gains. I’m 28 years old, 6’4", 235lbs and a bit chubby. Here is the program I’ve justs started:

Monday (Volume)
Squat - 4x8
Bench - 4x6
Barbell rows - 4x8 (Alternate with Deadlifts - 1x5)
Chinups - 3x8-12
Accessory: Abs + lower back

Wednesday (Recovery)
Front Squat - 3x5
Shoulder press - 3x5
Power cleans - 5x3
Dips - 3x8-12
Accessory: abs only

Friday (Intensity)
Squat - ramp to max set of 3 or 5
Bench - ramp to max triple
Deadlift - ramp to max single, double or triple
Chinups - 3x8-12
Accessory: Abs + Direct arm work + lower back work

4x8 seemed to be a LOT of work on squats. Maybe it’s because I’m used to doing 3x5 but do you guys think its too much? Should I do 3x8?

And for bench do you guys think 4x6 or 3x8? I know its nitpicking but I want to get the most size and strength gains possible.

Thanks for any critiques of my routine