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Thoughts on Using Sandbags for Conditioning?

Hey guys my gym only has cardio machines only treadmill and bicycle I was thinking of buying my self a sand bag and do intervals of squating pressing with it at my house and also sand bag holds walking as long as I can. Anyone think this would be ok for conditioning days?

Does your gym happen to be at a Motel 6?

It sounds like conditioning can ONLY be done at your gym, so anything you add should be for strength. That said, I think sand bags can have a place in a strength-building program, but only after you have a solid barbell-based training program. The problem with sand bags is you can’t really do progressive overloads and usually rely on making your workout cardio-based (by doing multiple moves in a complex, like press, lunges,etc…) to increase the difficulty, or even skill-based (doing one-armed sand bag cleans and presses while on a bosu ball).

Can you run outside, intervals, hill sprints, etc

You can carry for longer.
You can do additional sets.
You can carry faster
You can carry the total sets in less time
You can carry the bag in more difficult positions
And you do heavier bags, ofcourse.

Thar said, I probably would put these in the same category as farmer’s handle for 5/3/1

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Blink fitness is my gym

Ok that does make sence I didnt think about it this way ty!.

It’s a sandbag. You can put more sand in it.


Ok. That makes sense. Rather than using a barbell that can be loaded with different plates, workout in a sandbox where you can go throw a few hand fulls of sand into your bag as you work through your sets.

(Side note: I think sand bag training is a great compliment to barbell lifting, but is not a replacement for it. Personally, if barbells and squat racks aren’t an option, I would choose rings and a weight vest.)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the term progressive overload but I don’t tend to use it within the same workout. I progress from week to week, workout to workout. There are many other ways to increase difficulty within a workout if needed, as listed by @strongmangoals above.

I’d also point out that the OP asked about using his sandbag for conditioning and therefore doesn’t need a progression plan designed by NASA.


Are you talking a hessian filled sandbag? It will cover you in crap and eventually rip and split.
Grab one for the purpose so it’s strong, and you can throw and drop it etc, or bodge one up by wrapping a hessian one in duct tape, if it splits, wrap the sucker again.
Grab an old wheelbarrow tub, some thick rope, and bam! You have something to drag, fill it with whatever you have laying around, be warned, I had a nice groove down the side of my house from mine.
Fill a fit ball thing full of sand, and carry the sucker, easy to vary the weight and it’s about the only use for the bloody things.

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This Is what I’m talking about I’m still doing the 5/3/1 workouts at my gym. I’m just using the bag for conditioning on off days . Are people really assuming I’m replacing the barbell for a sandbag while doing the 5/3/1 percentages lol.


Well I’m not sure yet but u are giving me some good ideas I heard I can load them with rice as well maybe that will be less messy.

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