Thoughts on TRT?

What are your thoughts on TRT?

For some - yes, is good.

For others - no, is bad.

Hope that clarifies everything for you :+1:


TRT has the potential to cure some diseases and is under-recognized in western medicine. Part of the reason is because steroids, TRT is associated with bodybuilding, cheating athletes, and toxic masculinity.

If you have hypogonadism, it will help tremendously. If you don’t then no need to burden your mind with thoughts about it.


I think whilst that is certainly true for the most part, I was truly hypogonadal, and TRT hasnt helped at all. Although I will agree for MOST who truly need it, will likely be night and day difference as you say

Sorry to hear that sir. I can’t see how having adequate testosterone over hypogonadal levels wouldn’t provide some benefit. Do you have a thread that lists your issues?

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I think for some, noticeable benefits aren’t always apparent. Some don’t get the libido or body changes.

BUT, what they don’t see, is the likely benefits to the heart and skeletal system.


This happened to me and it eluded me for years, that is deficiencies in iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin D. TRT can’t make up for deficiencies like these.

Once these were corrected and I was put on an optimal protocol, things got much, much better!

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TRT can be life changing. TRT makes it easier to recover from training, add/retain muscle mass, lose fat and contribute to an overall better sense of wellbeing but that’s only if you have your shit together and are taking care of yourself. If you are vitamin/nutrient deficient, don’t eat healthy, don’t get adequate sleep, don’t have a set exercise regimen that you adhere to, etc you won’t get half of the added benefits. The more areas of your life you can optimize the better you’ll look and feel.

For me TRT is like getting first-class seats on the plane but if you don’t get on the plane having first-class seats doesn’t help much.


I think TRT gave me my life back.

I was tired
Couldnt recover from exercise
Brain fog
No sex drive
Beard was thinning
Sometimes tearful
Couldnt not go back to bed after work most days.
These all came.on across about 3 years to the point I was a shadow of my former self.

Now I’m 2.5 years in-

Way less tired, just kind of how someone should be- I still get tired sometimes but who doesn’t!
Much happier- still have ups and downs like any normal person but I’m good.
I recover AMAZING (should probably do something with this)
Can concentrate much better
Have a healthy sex life and much better erections.
Beard grows properly again
Still a grumpy twat- that was just me lol
Not emotional like a woman
Probably have a nap after work twice a month.



Don’t take too much
Do bloods- shoot for upper normal then assess how you feel.
Don’t listen to the “no a.i at all costs brigade”, try not to use one, but a little bit might be needed. Don’t overdo it if you do add a tiny bit in and try and go on feel a bit for dosing it.
Give it time and be prepared to read and educate yourself.


Thank you sir. For sure I agree, its very strange. Ive tried everything from 75mg to 175mg a week, HCG with and without, AI with and without. Even got desperate and went to 500mg to see if it did anything. I felt awfully emotional, so stopped that one sharpish. But my ‘normal’ TRT dosages havent helped. Peculiar

Man this is great, the dream. Hasnt been that way for me but this is what its about!

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TRT has given me the SLIGHTEST bit more energy in fairness. But libido, ED, brain fog, motovation, general mood etc, are all worse.

I do exercise and make a conscious effort to put the work in. I get disheartened at times of course as it hasnt had much of an impact. But I try to keep going every day

What do your labs say?

I dont want to start an e2 war, but for me it alk got much better when i realised i needed to keep e2 from spiraling but had to use an element of feel to do it.

Ive had them at every end of the spectrum mate. Low-mid T and E, mid T and Mid E, High T and high E, high T and mid E etc etc. Unfortunately nothing made any difference at all

It’s medication for a medical condition, hypogonadism. I don’t think much more of it in this respect.

Me too buddy!

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If TRT isn’t resolving those issues I would take a look at nutrition.

Are you talking any vitamins, minerals or supplements?

Had any indepth blood test recently?

Thanks man. Nutrition is pretty good. Around 220 P, 375 C, 65F - mixture of standard rice potatoes meat veggies fruit etc etc not much crap food eaten.

Only take a small amount of general healthsupplements, Vit D, Krill oil. Not much at all.

Had so many blood tests in the past 2 years… other than marginally elevated lipids, everything looking good.

The ONLY thing I can think of, as to why TRT does not work for me as in no difference in libido and erections, is that I am for my height, very heavy (5ft 7, 210 pounds). Whilst some is muscle, there is plenty of fat (probably about 22%). This has meant whilst I am fairly strong (ish) cardiovascular wise my fitness is pretty poor, due to 5 years or weight training and minimal (almost none) cardio.

I am changing that now, but that is literally the only thing I can think of in my head in that, erections needs healthy blood flow and a good heart… and I can barely run 10 minutes on a treadmill…

I’m a big fan