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Thoughts on Training Split?

i wanted to got your opinions on this workout split and if i am hitting too many of the same muscle groups or if adding enough time for recovery on each muscle group

monday, chest and biceps
tuesday, legs ,abs, calfs, basically lower body
wed, shoulders, triceps
thursday, back,traps (i thought about chest again but i just worked triceps the day before)
friday, lower body

i train legs on tues cause its my day off from work and im a server so i get to rest the rest of the day
i dont work out during the evening cause i take the dogs out to walk every evening after i get off work around 6 and they will not be denied lol. our walks last for over an hour
i wanted to try to train all muscle groups twice a week but that may not be possible with my work schedule and pets
do some of you work out twice a day at the gym?
mabye i could go to the gym a couple days in the evening and train

weekends i dont workout with work
im 43 years old, i take test, but not over 250 mg
ive been doing this split for awhile now, just wanted to see if i been doing a good split

Well you’re lifting 5 days which makes it incredibly possible. Numerous different ways you could set it up.

It’s a little unconventional for sure but if you’ve been seeing results you’ve been seeing results. Rather than list the issues I may have with it consider the following:

I would start by reading about splits in articles (if you aren’t reading articles on here you should be regularly for general knowledge) you can search splits on the main page. You can also consider following the absolute tons of programs that are on this site. My favorite is Christian Thibaudeau personally but I’ve done lots of other programs from people on here before learning to make my own.

If you’ve always kind of done your own thing I’d say give a written program off this site a shot and let us know if you have questions.

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Thanks for the advise.
I was wanting to get more chest on but don’t want to overtrain shoulders and triceps.
I’m thinking mabye Friday evening just do 6 sets before I go walk the dogs
I tried to search for splits on here but maybe I was looking in the wrong place.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough. I meant to search on the main site and not the forum. While you will find lots of good information in the forums the main site has articles that are written by experts in the field.

Click menu on top left corner and you’ve got a search bar for the main site.

Overtraining is something I used to worry about a lot, but it’s not a term that gets thrown around as much as it used to. It exists, but the vast majority of people it isn’t much of a concern. I would say it’s incredibly unlikely you’re overtraining shoulders and triceps with a another chest day.

Eat well and listen to your body of course, but don’t be super fearful of overtraining. You’ve also got chest specialization programs you can find on the main page if you want to go that route.

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If it were me, I would pick a split that you KNOW you can commit to. It’s better to be conservative in this. Then if you do have the extra time and want to train. Just add a “wild-card” workout for extra work.

As far as this current training split is concerned. If you have a system for measuring progressive overload, can do it consistently, and enjoy it, I’d say do it. See how you like it and make adjustments accordingly.


Regarding the recovery aspect… you will want to factor in volume, intensity and exercise selection since these will have a impact on frequency.


What are your goals?

Also, with regards to training twice a day, I often do that, but I would imagine if you don’t want to work-out on weekends and you go for long walks after work that would be tricky to fit in…unless you trained twice a day on Tuesdays.

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It’s funny with my goals one week I want to build some muscle in the next week I want to lose
fat lol.
But honestly im pretty lean. 1 was 145 pounds. Now 150.
Apert on about 5 pounds of muscle and doing 1cc of test a week
I’m about 5’ 6 and fit in 30s pants pretty comfortably now.

I’m gonna guess that I’m around 15% body fat but I heard you can’t trust the scans at the gym.
would like to get about 11% body fat but that’s pretty hard to maintain year round
But end the end I’d like to about 165 with between 12 to 15% body fat.
I think that’s attainable.
Within a year

Well what is your nutrition like? The reason I ask is that your goals seem to be more oriented around body composition.

Well that’s probably where I’m lacking
I follow Gregg doucette cookbook but don’t stick with the diet.
I’m probably not in a calorie deficit.
But I want to build muscle and burn fat at the same time without jumping on tren
Is it better to do 1 goal 1st and not try to do both at the same time

I’ll be honest… 1 if your asking basic routine advice on a forum you have no business doing tren.

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Oh I was kidding.
I would never do tren .
Way too advanced for me.
Im just want to recomp or main gain as they call it I think

How long have you been training? Have any pics?

All my life since I was 18.
43 now.
But I’ve never been consistent with a diet or training
Just recently in the last 6 months I started really making sure I get enough protein in my diet and noticed a big difference.
Plus my test levels were 318 and free test 43 and never saw much progress
Now my free test is 214

But I guess u really have to be strict with diet to see more six pack

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