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Thoughts on Titan Cage? $275


What are your thoughts based on experience and pictures?

Only loading ~400lb squats. Nothing drastic like pin pulls that damages equipment.


Are you a powerlifter?

I wouldn’t trust that cage.


better than nothing I guess but I’d save my money for something that will last.


If I were to consider buying something like that, I’d probably email the manufacturers and see what kind of steel was used and how the pins were manufactured. Then I’d do a bit of research and see if it would hold up to say 500 or so pounds dropped from shoulder height.

I’d skimp on a rack before I skimped on a barbell though, so if you get that, put some of the savings into a quality bar.


Its hard to tell the quality of a rack by just pictures for me, maybe theres some people on here that can better comment on that, but I got what I would guess is a significantly better used rack, plus a nice bench and a decent amount of weight, as well as some other stuff (including a mediocre barbell) for 500 total.

My vote would be to shop around.


Buy nice, don’t buy twice.


[quote]FartBoy wrote:
Buy nice, don’t buy twice.[/quote]

Buy once, cry once