Thoughts on This Workout Plan?

Should i change anything?Will it be as effective for a beginner as a push pull legs,or upper lower?
Thanks in advance!

For a beginner? 3x a week, full body.

I’ve seen worst, but this suffers from your typical lots of volume. You know, do as much as I can and see what sticks.

Your diet will determine if you can do the above.

And of course, the lack of a goal tells me you should not create your own, take a program and change random shit and hope for the best.

Follow to a tee a proven program.

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i don’t want to become big,i just want an aesthetically pleasing body,while still being lightweight.
i can recover just fine from the above,i think i could do double that without a problem(soreness,etc)

Don’t worry, you won’t

Good luck with that

Which means you aren’t putting anywhere near enough effort in or you’re just plain ignorant; or both.

Pick a proven program, follow it precisely and eat right.


That looks like a workout my mom would do

So guys like frank medrano don’t have aesthetically pleasing bodies?
And no,i am putting enough effort,i just recover pretty fast
thanks for the anwser though

Be defensive on your own time. You asked a question asking for feedback and you got.

If you don’t like the answer, don’t ask me the question.

Do what you like and good luck.

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i had no problem with your anwser,what are you talking about?

Upper lower would be better for a beginner. If really prefer a split look up the Kingbeef thread

Training everything three times a week or 2 on 1 off would be better. Moderate to high frequency training is a highly important variable for beginners.

That’s still around?


Haha yeah, some good stuff that dissapeared/was deleted like Alpha’s first log has actually re appeared with the site changeover

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