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Thoughts On This University Policy?


So, my college (Saint Louis University) has thought of this great new policy to consider. It was just presented to our Student Government Association, and I was wondering how wonderful you think it all is. note, I am being ridiculously sarcastic, as this school's administration rules with an iron fist:

Recently, SGA and the Student Conduct Office drafted a proposal to introduce a demerit system that would give the Office of Student Conduct a say in what happens in your classes.
It effectively brings the office of student conduct into the handling of the simplest classroom affairs.

being late to class
incomplete or sub par work
rolling your eyes
laughing at or about anyone or anything that may be questionable
making a sexist comment
untempered unguarded noises while the instructor is speaking
lack of participation
unapproved laptop use
"doing other things"


Sehr gut mein Fuhrer!


Well im fucked...if i went there. I laugh so much in class.

And what are these other things, lol.


that's literally in the policy. "doing other things".


"Other things" could include committing human sacrifice while raping fellow students. Are you in favor of human sacrifice and rape?

You animal.


"doing other things" like take notes, pay attention, and participate.


Silly me, I always thought of colleges as institutes of higher education, not baby-sitting services.


I'm not into human sacrifice, but 'other things' I regularly take part in include gang rape and bare knuckle boxing with people from the retirement home. They're tough bastards. lol.

That is a fucked up policy, thats like saying you can't do anything, or if you did do something, they could say that it came under 'other things' and you'd get your bottom spanked (not in a good way).


College is supposed to be about 'higher learning' (no jokes for the moment), and applying what is essentially babysitting type procedures like they have to on a high school level is just stupid and insulting. When I taught college, my class was MY class, and occassionally I'd get a little memo of suggestions from the dept chair, but no one ever even popped in to see what I was doing.



Rolling your eyes?


Sounds like any normal class in asia.


I know guys! we're going to protest it and make sure it doesn't get passed...fucking private schools lol


sounds like a pretty f***** up policy. I don't have to loose any words about the instituiton, do I?


I always liked college classes because it was more of an open forum whereas high school was a sit and learn atmosphere.

The Professors didn't seem to care if you came to class as much as if you handed in your work on time and it was worth their time grading.

Your SGA and Student Conduct Office needs a big huge mushroom stamp across their cheek. Or would that be a demerit?