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Thoughts On This Supplement

Do not want to post/link another companies product but, many people have given positive reviews as well as posting lab results but, you never know.


  • Higher total testosterone and free testosterone levels
  • Lower cortisol levels
  • Lower estrogen levels
  • Better overall muscle growth and fat loss
  • Optimal/healthy blood work

What feedback are you hoping to get from the community? All I’d write is: don’t combine with SSRIs because of rhodiola.

A 7 capsule serving?!

I don’t doubt that it does something. Rhodiola definitely works and I’ve heard that DAA works also. I’ve used ashwagandha and wasn’t impressed and I’ve never heard of the other two ingredients.

I’ve used these supplements blends before and if you do some research you usually find it’s cheaper to buy the main ingredients separately. I don’t know how big the caps are but at 7 caps per serving I imagine a lot of the powder is just filler.

The other thing is supplements like rhodiola have known active compunds. You want your supplement to have a standardized extract of those compounds (it will be say x% rosavins or x% salidroside or both). But if the label just says “root powder” you don’t really know what you’re getting. Same rule applies for any herbal supp.

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I take it you don’t use Elitepro Mineral Support by Biotest? Haha.

I do not take ElitePro Mineral Support by Biotest lol. I take psyllium husk in the form of Metamucil which is usually 3 pills 2/3x a day, more than enough for me, plus a few other medications/supplements. Don’t want 7 more

Man, I’m a walking chemistry lab these days. And I pride myself on being able to take my handful of pills in one go, haha.


Yea, pill swallowing has always been a strength of mine. I did take the Metamucil the other day without water, one of them seemed to stick in my throat, burping those up is unpleasant. Only other time I’ve had a problem was when I was young and dumb taking fat burner pills (shit tons of caffeine) that were the size of small cell phones.

I get pumped when I dump out all seven Elitepros in one go.

It truly is the little things.

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@Facepalm_Death had an excellent reply. I’d just like to tack on that DAA seems to be iffy for some people. It works for a bit, and then nada. Or nothing at all. Or issues. I’d read up on it more specifically.

Honestly, I’d just get a quality Rhodiola rosea supplement and call it a day.

What happens if you do? And are there any ingredients here that would be an SSRI?

I’ve had interactions between the pair. I think it because rhodiola can act as an mao inhibitor but I don’t remember the exact mechanism or if it’s something that everyone would be susceptible to. To be frank, it would have been more prudent to write “exercise caution” rather than don’t. Ashwagandha also affects serotonin receptors and by a similar token it can enhance the effects of an SSRI. I’m no doctor though.

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Probably does give a bump in testosterone (due to DAA more than anything) but not anything you’ll feel or appreciate when you’ve run the bottle and look in the mirror. I feel it’s fairly safe to say supplemental test booster are underwhelming.

Ah makes sense.

Damn I take ashwaghandha, and I’ve taken rhodeola before

I had an interaction immediately, not as a result of continued use. Your mileage may vary. If you have been combining them without adverse effects thus far, then maybe you won’t either. This is not medical advice.

The DIM lowers estrogen levels. Some people are very sensitive to this and will experience bad side effects such as achy joints, crashed libido, and flat emotions.

The boron can lower sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which can increase free testosterone. The extent of this is nothing extreme, and I highly doubt that you will feel any positive effects other than placebo.

Save your money.