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Thoughts on This Push/Pull/Legs Split

Thinking about switching to a Push/Pull/Legs six days a week. This is my proposed routine:

Bench Press 3x8
Overhead Press 3x8
Incline Dumbbell press 3x8

Deadlift 3x8
Barbell Row 3x8
Pull ups 3x8

Squats 3x8

My schedule would look something like,

Monday: Push
Tuesday: Pull
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Push
Friday: Pull
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: REST

I want to keep it simple, just a few compound workouts; since the training frequency is so high. But I’m having trouble thinking of what else I should do on leg day.

Any thoughts?

Switch? Have you been lifting? The fact that you are uncertain of what else to do besides squats suggests this is your first routine ever.

IDK, maybe something called the lunge? Split squat? Leg extensions? Glute raises? Pull throughs? Calf raises? Come on meow…

What is your goal? To get hyooge and/or strong?

Have you ever lifted this often??? Deads 2x a week and squatting on a different day (right after deads…)

Yes, I have been lifting for a while. My current routine is a full body 3 days a week in the 5 rep range.

Squat 365x5
Deadlift 355x5
Bench 300x5
Overhead Press 230x5
Barbell Row 270x5

I have trained 6 days a week in the past, to switch things up. I’ll probably only do it for 12 weeks or so. I was just hoping to find some ideas from experienced lifters.

Well i’ll be damned!

Your pressing is good! Legs are a bit behind, but pressing is GOOD.

I have trained similarly in the past… had to eat like crazy (5k+ a day, EVERY day) to not die squatting and doing deads that often. Pretty demanding. It served its purpose in the long run.

I’m doing a Push/Pull/legs 2x a week

Push- Shoulder emphasis-some chest work
Pull- DL Heavy-back thickness
Legs- Front Squat Heavy
Push- Chest Emphasis-some shoulder work
Pull- Speed Deads/Back width
Legs- Squat-Depth work

I like it or look into Kingbeef’s “Do this routine instead of that” thread. theres a push/pull/legs set up in there too n its a good one.

Thats a crazy OHP btw

what is your goal? you posted this in the “Body Building” section so i’m assuming that your goal is ascetically based… if so, your exercise selection is lacking big time.

You have only one exercise for shoulders, zero exercises for biceps and zero exercises for triceps.

Possible exercises that you could implement on leg day are lunges (forward, reverse, walking, BB, DB) split squats, stiff leg DL’s, leg press, leg extensions, hack squats, BB/DB step ups, glute ham raise… ect.