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Thoughts on This Protocol?

Found some interesting cycles in the “best of” section, but the thread was locked before many opinions could be placed. I added some of my own thoughts in here and would like to see any shared opinions or criticism.

I am basing this on an eight week cycle that allows for the long ester drugs to clear the last two weeks by adding in short ester or orals. I am also looking at possible adding in some test taper at the end for maximum ease of transition.

Week 1-6: 500mg of Test C. Front loaded with 1,000 MG

Week 6-8: Test Prop or Oral like Dianabol

Week 9-12 At week 9 or around day 21 after last long ester injection the blood test level should be close to 100mg and hopefully allowing the window for my HPTA to not be shutdown.

At this point I would begin Nolvadex PCT for 4 weeks 40, 40, 20, 20 or a split of Nolva with Clomid: N(20, 20, 10, 10) and at the same time take C(60, 60, 40, 40)

During the cycle I would run HCG throughout until the second or third week of PCT
During cycle Weeks 1-8 500iu of hCG 2 - 3 times week on cycle
250iu EOD week 1 PCT or week 9
150iu EOD week 2 PCT or week 10
100iu EOD week 3 PCT (Maybe!) week 11

Arimidex EOD at .5mg until week 9

One thing I was considering was also further tapering down with Test C at week 10 and 11. If my blood levels are at 100 around day 21 after my last injection I would consider a 60mg shot on week 10 and a 40mg on week 11.