Thoughts on this Program

This is the 3 day a week Program that I’m running at the moment. Any thoughts?

I do it Wed, Thurs and Sat. On Mon I do Krav M, then Tues and Fri I try to do either 400m runs or Kettlebell Ladders.

Is there any reason why you’re doing a program for advanced lifters?
I don’t know your stats (age, height, weight, numbers) but if you can only train 3x per week I would say stronglifts or ss are far better choices

Looks fine, -pretty standard 3 way split. For the sake of your shoulders drop flyes on the power week and upright rows altogether.

Some of the %ages look screwy to me. Like 4-8 reps at 80-95%. 8 at 80% might be doable (though would almost certainly involve a grinder or two), but 4 at 95% is not. Unless it’s operating under the assumption that you’re working with a training max or have made a certain amount of progress by the time you hit the power phase. If it’s the latter, it still doesn’t make sense to me.

It also doesn’t exactly make it clear what exercises the periodization applies to. Not all exercises work well with a heavier, low rep approach, nor do you need to program everything with percentages. Some might even make you more likely to get injured.

The exercise choices are pretty standard stuff. I’d agree with what RampantBadger said. Might sub in face-pulls in place of upright rows.

But it’s all a moot point since you haven’t told us what you’re training for. Are you training for strength, looks, to be better at Krav?