Thoughts On This Program

his s/n is Hola Bola. he’s 5’7" 205 lbs and says he’s probably around 8% bodyfat (gota say i believe it).

he uses a 12 day rotation he made up, consisting of 3 on / 1 off / 3 on / 1 off etc.

He also uses machines quite a bit.

I’m just curious b/c I used that exact workout program format for the past 10 weeks and have made the best gains that i’ve yet to make on any 3x a week or 4x a week splits. Of course it took a lot more planning and food than the typical 3x/4x, but as i said, a lot more gains in size and strength. My deadlift went up to 435lbsx5 for clean reps, as opposed to about 430 for a single before it.

I haven’t looked at it, but I just wanted to tell you is kind of the joke of bodybuilding websites.

As much as is a ‘joke’, this program

is not. Moral of the story, everything is not the same across the board. That’s not really a moral. Or a story.

lifter85, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to try it. I would add an extra day off. There is only one day off a week. That would not be enough for me.

to lankymofo, take a couple seconds to go to the thread where he creates his log, and you’ll see he is anything but a joke. the man has dipped 200lbs hanging for 4 reps, box squatted 405 20 times, and done 10x10 on dips w/ 90 lbs hanging. that’s no joke or laugh.

to thedudeabides, the workout is a 12 day rotation, meaning 3on/1off/3on/1off,etc. it doesn’t really follow a weekly pattern. the rest was surprisingly enough w/ proper nutrition and supplementing (naturally).

ive come to the conclusion that machines arent all THAT bad. I still despise the smith machine and i scowl at it everytime i goto the gym. but some of the hammer strength machines are good for burn outs at the end.

and wow 5’7 and 205lbs…

im 5’7 150lbs… SHITTTTTTTTTTT

The dude definitely made good progress.

If you like his program, go ahead and try it. Just be sure to monitor your progress and make adjustments if necessary.

Different things will work for different people. For some people, 3-on, 1-off would be too much. Probably for most people, 3 or 4 days a week is good. So if you aren’t progressing, add more rest days.